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#CareforSomeone: One-on-one with Ho Soo Pong

#CareforSomeone: One-on-one with Mdm Ho

She teaches at cooking workshops for people with Down syndrome, and runs her own YouTube channel, editing her videos before uploading them. She is 66. We chat with RSVP Singapore volunteer Ho Soo Pong on what motivates her to care for others.

  1. How do you show care for others through your volunteer work, or in your day-to-day activities? How does caring for others make you feel? 
    Soo Pong: I have participated in several volunteering activities with RSVP Singapore. For example, I have taught seniors how to use various forms of technology, such as computers, through the RSVP Cyberguide programme. And since I am in RSVP's Gourmet Activity Circle, we frequently conduct cooking and baking workshops for people at the Down Syndrome Association. Caring for others makes me feel like I'm still actively contributing to society, even after my retirement.

  2. What do you do as part of the Gourmet Activity Circle? Why did you choose to volunteer with the group, and why are you interested in volunteering through cooking? 
    Soo Pong: In the Gourmet Activity Circle, all of us have a keen interest in cooking, so we gather to cook and share our food. Volunteering with the Gourmet Activity Circle allows me to make friends with other like-minded individuals and exchange recipes with them. It is especially rewarding when I hear compliments from people who like our food. It also gives me a deep sense of satisfaction to be able to contribute to society at the same time. 

  3. What made you decide to run your own YouTube channel?
    Soo Pong: I started my YouTube channel to share recipes for Hainanese cuisine. Being Hainanese myself, I hope to keep a record of these recipes, so that they will be passed down through the generations.

  4. Are there any memorable instances in your volunteering journey? How about any instances when your act of care made a difference in someone’s life?
    Soo Pong: There was once when I shared my Hainanese yi buah (a traditional Hainanese snack) during one of the Gourmet Activity Circle activities. The Hainanese members present at the session commented that they missed eating it, and someone even said that it reminded him of his mother's yi buah. I was quite touched by this. 

  5. Do you receive care from others as well? How does it make you feel?
    Soo Pong: I remember helping a mother look after her child, who had Down syndrome, during a volunteering activity. At the end of the session, she thanked me by giving me a bottle of barley. I was pleasantly surprised as I hadn't expected anything in return – this warmed my heart. 

  6. Why do you choose to be caring? 
    Soo Pong: Caring for others makes me feel like I can make a difference and make the world a better place. I believe that if I show care for others, they will appreciate it and in turn reciprocate by passing it on to others as well.

  7. How do you think people can start to care more for one another? What is care to you? What does a caring society mean to you? 
    Soo Pong: I think we should all be more considerate towards others. We should not try to impose our own beliefs onto others, but instead be more sensitive to their thoughts and feelings. 
    To me, care means putting myself in others' shoes, and thinking about others instead of just about myself. A caring society should be as such too, where everyone is considerate and caring towards others. This can help bring about a more gracious society.
Last Updated: 04 January 2019

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