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Impact of taking over Sports Hub on national athlete training and NSA funding

Response to parliamentary question on impact of taking over Sports Hub on national athlete training and funding to National Sports Associations

  1. With Mr Speaker’s permission, I would like to take both questions together.
  2. The National Sports Associations (or NSAs) are key stakeholders in our sports ecosystem.
    1. NSAs identify promising athletes and groom them. They support athletes by coordinating training and competition schedules, hiring suitable coaches, and monitoring athletes’ progress.
    2. Furthermore, NSAs play an integral role in promoting a broad-based sporting culture in Singapore. They run outreach programmes to increase Singaporeans’ exposure to their sport, as well as pathway programmes to cater to those who wish to pursue their interests further.
  3. Therefore, the Government works closely with and supports NSAs to achieve the best outcomes for our athletes, and for sports in
  4. Today, more than 50 NSAs receive grants from Sport Singapore (SportSG).
    1. These grants defray the operating costs of high-performance and outreach programmes run by the NSAs.
    2. Government funding is augmented by the One Team Singapore Fund (OTSF). Under this scheme, NSAs that are Charities and Institutions of Public Character (IPCs) receive matching grants from Government for donations they raise.
  5. This funding to NSAs will not be affected by the government’s taking over and running of the Sports Hub. The Government already sets aside funds for operating and maintaining the Sports Hub today, and this will continue to be the arrangement.
  6. Today, the NSAs are accorded priority in the booking of Sports Hub facilities for the training of our national teams and athletes. NSAs also have priority access to ActiveSG facilities for this purpose.
  7. NSAs are allowed to and do book Sports Hub and ActiveSG facilities up to one year in advance. When NSAs are displaced from
    Sports Hub facilities due to events and competitions, SportSG works closely with the NSAs to book alternative ActiveSG facilities for training.
  8. After the Government takes over the ownership and management of the Sports Hub, NSAs will continue to have access to Sports Hub and ActiveSG facilities. SportSG will continue to work closely with the NSAs to understand and meet their needs.
  9. We will have more flexibility to optimise the use of Sports Hub and ActiveSG facilities across the NSAs, athletes, members of the public, and event organisers. This allows us to strike a better balance in meeting our stakeholders’ needs. We will assess usage and allocation across stakeholders more fully and holistically, after we have taken over the Sports Hub.
  10. This is important because our sport facilities cater not only to High-Performance Sport, but also to the recreational and sporting needs of all Singaporeans.
Last updated on 13 September 2022