Dai Yinglang (1908–1986) was a left-wing artist and intellectual figure who was active in multiple political scenes, as well as art and literary fields from the 1920s to 1940s in Malaya, Singapore and China. However, the historical records of his presence in these socio-cultural zones remain fragmented and under-research; furthermore, little is known of his life spent in post-1949 China. This talk resurfaced existing research on Dai Yinglang and shared some new information on the artist’s life and career after 1949.

Dr Cai Heng

Curator, National Gallery Singapore

Dr Cai Heng, Curator, National Gallery Singapore, holds a PhD in Art History and Theory from The University of Sydney. She contributed to key curatorial research for exhibitions including Siapa Nama Kamu: Art in Singapore since the 19th Century (2015), Wu Guanzhong: Beauty Beyond Form (2016), Strokes of Life: The Art of Chen Chong Swee (2017) and Rediscovering Treasures: Ink Art from the Xiu Hai Lou Collection (2017). Her research interests include modern Chinese art and art of the Chinese diaspora, and modern and contemporary ink.

13TH December 2017
Talk by Dr Cai Heng, Curator,
National Gallery Singapore
Q&A Session
End of Programme