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As part of its on-going efforts to monitor the state of the arts in Singapore, NAC has conducted the Population Survey on the Arts on a biennial basis since 2009. The purpose of the survey is to track and understand: how Singaporeans perceive the arts; and how involved they are in arts and culture – henceforth referred to as ‘arts’ – activities.

The report for the 2017 Population Survey on the Arts aims to provide arts groups, practitioners, researchers and administrators with insights on the needs of all Singaporeans with respect to the arts and arts offerings.

Key Findings

Here are the key findings for Population Survey of the Arts 2017:

  • Perceptions of the role of arts and culture in improving quality of life, enhancing expressiveness and inspiring creativity, reached their highest observed levels.
  • Perceptions of the evolution of Singaopre arts and culture decreased from 2015 (SG50 year). Nonetheless perceptions remained significantly higher than 2013.
  • Interest in the arts was lower than in 2015 (SG50 year), yet remained higher than in any other year. Interest was higher among students.
  • Barriers to attendance include a lack of free time and unfamiliarity with artists/performers.
  • Attendance and participation decrease from the peaks in 2015 (SG50 year), yet continued their strong upward growth from 2005.
  • Motivations for attending include enjoying events and their value as a way to enjoy time with famil and friends.
  • *Digital consumption continued to decrease from 2013, both in total and across art forms.

The emergence of COVID-19 brought sudden and widespread changes to the way we lived, worked and played. In Singapore, this came after physical arts attendance had risen to a high of 69% in 2019. NAC’s COVID-19 Arts Consumption Study, which examined people’s online engagement with the arts during the pandemic, revealed that 88% of Singaporeans engaged with the arts online, motivated by novel experiences and for their mental well-being. This report explores how difficulties can be transformed into innovation, for the arts to thrive post-pandemic.

Emerging from the Pandemic – a special report with highlights from the 2019 Population Survey on the Arts
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