With two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, this sixth edition of Cultural Connections delves into the broader question of crises and their impact on the arts and culture sector. This edition presents the perspectives and experiences of arts and cultural luminaries and thought leaders from Australia, Japan, Singapore, and the UK and gives us pause for reflection. Step back in time with us, as we find out how institutions, governments and communities have dealt with crises through the years and helped societies weather such turmoil, as well as their lessons learnt and hopes for the next generation.

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15 Chapters
Culture and Crisis
Professor Tan Tai Yong, President, Yale-NUS College
10 mins read, 192KB
The Four Horsemen
Mr Ravi Menon, Ex Managing Director, Monetary Authority of Singapore
50 mins read, 361KB
War and Its Art in Southeast Asia
Kwa Chong Guan, Chairperson, Archaeology Advisory Panel
12 mins read, 694KB
The Syonan Symphony Orchestra: A Case of Musical Collaboration in Wartime Singapore
Mr Phan Ming Yen, Board Member, Checkpoint Theatre
23 mins read, 124KB
Arts and Culture as a Source of Well-being
Dr Wong Tien Hua, Council Member, National Arts Council
12 mins read, 191KB
Museums as Spaces for Well-Being
Ms Suenne Megan Tan, Senior Director, Museum Planning & Audience Engagement, National Gallery Singapore
12 mins read, 194KB
The Crisis of Normality
Dr Eugene Tan, Museum Director, Singapore Art Museum
27 mins read, 3MB
Culture and Climate Change: The Value of Local Collections in Addressing Climate Change
Professor Robyn Sloggett, Director, Grimwade Conservation Centre, University of Melbourne
12 mins read, 203KB
Endless Dreams of Cro-Magnon or a Perpetual Feast?
Professor Mitsuru Haga, Professor, Institute for Excellence in Higher Eduation, Tohoku University, Japan
17 mins read, 301KB
A Changing World: Culture Disrupted
Mr Peter Tullin, Co-founder, REMIX Summits
23 mins read, 127KB
Cultural and Technological Disruptions
Mr Jervais Choo, Deputy Director, Organization & Design, National Heritage Board
13 mins read, 205KB
A Larger Reality
Dr Susie Lingham, Senior Lecturer, Republic Polytechnic
20 mins read, 558KB
Re-imagining the National Museum of Singapore’s Role in a Post-pandemic World
Ms Chung May Khuen, Director, National Heritage Board
15 mins read, 1MB
For Wh(Art) it’s Worth?
Mr Zulhaqem Bin Zulkifli, Foresight Analyst, Prime Minister's Office
12 mins read, 213KB
Culture and Crisis—What Lies Ahead?
Sir Geoff Mulgan, Professor, University College London
11 mins read, 210KB

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