The Culture Academy’s second international thought leadership conference on Reviving and Revitalising Cities and Spaces through Arts and Culture was held on 7th December 2017. The conference discussed the role of arts and culture in the revitalisation of cities, how arts and culture can breathe new life into familiar environments and create liveable places for citizens and communities.


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9 Chapters
Message From Director
Ms Thangamma Karthigesu
Dr Kenson Kwok
Revitalising Our City Through Arts and Culture – Speech by Ms Grace Fu
Ms Grace Fu - Minister for Culture, Community and Youth
Responsibilities and Opportunities for Arts and Cultural Institutions in A Multicultural, Creative City
Mr Douglas Gautier
Is There Such A Thing As Arts and Culturally Led Economic Renewal?
Dr Rebecca Coates
Reviving and Revitalising A Unesco World Heritage City
Mr Joe Sidek
Anchors and Bridges: The Work of The Singapore National Arts Council in Cultural Diversity
Mr Kenneth Kwok
The Artist’s Role in Society
Mr Jumaldi Alfi
The Catalytic Effect of Creative Place-Making
Mr Adib Jalal

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