"The Digital in Cultural Spaces" Conference Publication is a compilation of the papers presented at Culture Academy's 2016 conference. The papers discussed how the culture sector could embrace and leverage technology to enable our work to reach out to and engage various audiences.


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14 Chapters
Message from Director, Culture Academy
Ms Thangamma Karthigesu
How Goes the Digital at the Archives
Mr Eric Chin
Reflections on the Hong Kong Memory Project
Dr Patrick Mok
Image First: Opening Up The Rijksmuseum with Rijksstudio
Ms Linda Volkers
Embodied Museography
Professor Sarah Kenderdine
Data Analytics: Journey of the National Gallery Singapore
Dr Kevin Lim
Digital Technology and the Museum Experience: A Case Study of the National Museum of Singapore
Ms Angelita Teo
Digitisation of the National Collection: Challenges and Opportunities
Mr Sean Lee
Tangible Digital Heritage
Dr Stylianos Dritsas
Dr Yeo Kang Shua
Cultural Collections and Object-Based Learning In the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne
Ms Fiona Moore
Empowering Possibilities with Digital Inclusion
Ms Jenny Wong
The Future of Us: When Storytelling Bridged the Digital Divide
Mr Gene Tan
Ppts, Pdfs, and Proprietary Formats: On the Problematic Forms of the Digital
Ms Debbie Ding

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