In commemoration of Singapore’s Chairmanship of ASEAN in 2018, this third volume of Cultural Connections is dedicated to everything ASEAN from the arts and cultural front. It celebrates the uniqueness, beauty and richness of Southeast Asia through the essays which have been presented in two parts. The first part showcases the long and close people to people and historical links Singapore has had with her Southeast Asian neighbours over the centuries through thought articles contributed by academics, diplomats and domain experts. The second part features the inter relatedness of the histories and heritage of Southeast Asia through showcasing artefacts from the Southeast Asian collection of Singapore’s National Collection.


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20 Chapters
ASEAN Arts and Culture: The Role of Singapore
Ambassador Ong Keng Yong
Kallang Estuary: A 17th Century Port City
Mr Kwa Chong Guan
The Art of an ASEAN Consciousness
Dr June Yap
Dancing Diversity: Creating Friendships Across Borders
Dr Stephanie Burridge
Intercultural Interlocutors: Tay Tong and Faith Tan
Ms Corrie Tan
Stamping Cultural Diplomacy
Ms Lucille Yap
Re-presenting Southeast Asia: Asian Civilisations Museum
Mr Kennie Ting
Abdullah from Java: the Ties between Family and History
Mr Louis Ho
Lime Pot from Cambodia
Asian Civilisations Museum
Affandi, Burong Hitam, Matahari, Manusia (Black Bird, Sun, Man)
Ms Melinda Susanto
Itinerant Jewellers in Indonesia
Ms Naomi Wang
Ceremonial Skirt from Laos
Asian Civilisations Museum
Ismail Zain, From There to Now
Ms Anisha Menon
Iban War Jacket
Mr David Alan Henkel
Lacquer Stories from Burma: Burmese Lacquerware in Nattukottai Chettiar Families
Ms Nalina Gopal
Ms Malvika Agarwal
Fernando Amorsolo’s Marketplace during the Occupation
Ms Clarissa Chikiamco
Towards a Shared History: The Hill and the Malay Archipelago
Mr Iskander Mydin
Ms Sharon Lim
Nipan Oranniwesna, Memories of Progress in Singapore
Mr John Tung
A Rare and Unusual Malay Parabaik
Ms Noorashikin binte Zulkifli
‘It Doesn’t Pedal Forward, Only Backward! Is It Broken? It Must Be Broken.’ – Reflections on a Forward-Racing World.
Ms Andrea Fam

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