In commemoration of Singapore’s Bicentennial in 2019, this fourth volume of Cultural Connections focuses on the themes which are relevant to our cultural development over the past 200 years. The articles in this issue remind us of how fast and far we have progressed from our early colonial days to a modern liveable cosmopolitan nation which is rooted in its multicultural heritage. This issue thus explores the bicentennial through an exciting collection of essays, contributed by notable personalities and culture professionals.


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10 Chapters
Nationality, Identity and Culture: A Personal Reflection
Professor Tommy Koh
The Hunt for “Majulah Singapura”
Professor Bernard T. G. Tan
Recalling Home: Looking at Western Classical Music in Singapore 100 Years Ago
Phan Ming Yen
From Sushi In Singapore To Laksa In London: Globalising Foodways And The Production Of Economy And Identity
Professor Lily Kong
The Singapore Story through 60 objects
Kennie Ting
A Shared Identity: A Case for Arts and Culture
Kenneth Kwok
Dr Sharon Chang
The Imprint of 1819 – Entrepôt, Place, Community in Images
Iskander Mydin
Daniel Tham
Priscilla Chua
Place-making and Identity in Singapore: The Role of Integrated Planning and Our Built Heritage
Elaine Tan
Tan Xin Wei Andy
Icons of the Times
Jean Wee
What Singapore's Bicentennial Means to the New Immigrant
Dr Meira Chand

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