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Overseas Singaporeans across Australia gather for Singapore Day 2017

09 September 2017

10,000 folded hearts to showcase the contributions from overseas Singaporeans as part of the SG Cares movement


1. More than 6,000 Singaporeans gathered at Singapore Day 2017 at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne. This was the third Singapore Day held down under in Australia following previous editions in Melbourne and Sydney in 2008 and 2013 respectively.


2. Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, who joined fellow Singaporeans at the gathering said: “I am glad to see the strong participation from Singaporeans all across Australia. We have brought a slice of home to celebrate everything Singaporean together. Thank you for your care and contributions to our fellow Singaporeans.”


3. Joining in the annual reunion were Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu and Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong.


4. The “Singapore Showcase” is inspired by the National Pledge and shared values of Singapore. It celebrates the Singapore identity, and seeks to inspire optimism in Singapore’s future.


5. The three key themes of this year’s “Singapore Showcase” are:


a) “One United People” featuring heart-warming stories of everyday Singaporean heroes;

b) “Our People, Our Possibilities” for Singaporeans to discover possibilities through life-long learning, and an ecosystem that supports innovation and entrepreneurship; and 

c) “Your Dreams, Our Future” which highlights stories of care and volunteerism among Singaporeans at home and abroad.


6. A special installation “Hearts for Home” was among the many exhibits on display. Made up of paper hearts folded by Singaporeans across Australia in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart, the installation showcases the contributions of overseas Singaporeans.


7. As part of the SG Cares movement, Singaporeans in Australia also raised funds for the less privileged back home during National Day events held across the country. Many of them took part in a Fold-A-Heart campaign in a strong show of support for the Singtel Touching Lives Fund. The Fund helps children and youth with special needs. Singtel contributed $1 for each heart folded. Together with the contribution from Singtel and funds donated from fundraising initiatives, a total of $35,000 was raised. The cheque was received by Deputy Prime Minister Teo on behalf of the beneficiaries.


8. Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu said: “I am glad to see overseas Singaporeans coming together to help build a caring Singapore. Their act of folding a heart signifies a moment of thought from those who are far away from home, for those who are in need at home. Everyone and anyone can play a part tobuild a better Singapore. This is what the Singapore sprit is about, looking out for each other, helping one another, and leaving no one behind.”


9. Ms Lum Seok Yin, 21, a student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology who participated in the folding of hearts said: “I really like this initiative. I do volunteer work regularly in Singapore and I’m glad that I am able to contribute back to society even though I’m currently based in Melbourne. It’s really nice seeing Singaporeans come together for such a meaningful and heartwarming activity. I have seen and heard about Singapore Day being hosted in other countries and I’ve always wanted to be part of it.”


10. Mr Leung De Tian Sam, 21, a student at the University of Melbourne said: “I was inspired by the stories of how everyday Singaporean heroes like Joseph Schooling are innately driven. He pursued his dream and outdid his personal hero Michael Phelps to get to where he is today, not just with talent but more importantly, with grit and a strong support system behind him.”


11. A uniquely Singapore concert featured Singaporean group acts Teng Ensemble and MICappella with their renditions of childhood and popular songs. Artistes including Aisyah Aziz, Dick Lee, Jay Lim, Tabitha Nauser and many others entertained the crowd with hit songs and locally composed tunes. The concert washosted by Hossan Leong and Chua Enlai who are regular faces at previous editions of Singapore Day.


12. Hawker fare, a key favourite at Singapore Day, was served up by 16 hawker stalls at this year’s event.


13. Said Ms Angela Lee, 36: “Singapore Day has allowed me and my family to be ‘home’ for a day. It is almost like a mini National Day celebration with an extra perk because we get to eat local hawker food.”


14. Mr Mohamad Hafiz Bin Abdul Kadir, 24, RMIT University Singapore Students' Association president said: "It is a good thing that we have Singapore Day in Melbourne as we have a big Singaporean community here and it allows everyone in Australia to congregate here and celebrate. The food and atmosphere here is amazing as well and it is an awesome feeling hanging out with other Singaporeans."


15. Mr Muhammad Zaki Bin Azhar, 21, a student from University of New South Wales who came down from Sydney to attend the event, said: "I managed to catch up with old friends who are studying from other universities in Australia. I also met new friends and it is such a friendly environment because making conversations are so easy with so many common topics - food, NS, family."



Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

9 September 2017

Last Updated: 11 September 2017

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