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Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circles (IRCCs)

The Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circles - better known as IRCCs - are local-level inter-faith platforms in every constituency, formed to promote racial and religious harmony.

The work of the IRCCs is instrumental in strengthening our social cohesion and supports the SGSecure movement.


What do IRCCs do? careers-list-arrow

  • The IRCCs serve as important bridges between religious, ethnic and community groups at the local level. Leaders from these groups come together to join the IRCC networks to build friendship and trust.
  • The IRCCs also aim to deepen people's understanding of the various faiths, beliefs and practices through inter-faith and inter-ethnic themed activities such as heritage trails, inter-faith talks and various ethnic and religious celebrations.
  • In addition, the IRCCs are trained to respond quickly to racial and religious tensions by remaining calm and resilient on the ground during crises. The IRCCs will also assist in the recovery process, to help their communities and the nation return to normalcy.

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Overview of IRCC's Flagship Programmes careers-list-arrow

  • Networking Sessions
    Regular networking sessions and focus group discussions create opportunities for members and stakeholders representing various religious-, community-, and cultural-based organisations to interact and exchange ideas, so as to foster stronger bonds and facilitate synergies for collaborative efforts in promoting inter-faith understanding.
  • Interfaith Dialogues
    Dialogue enhances understanding and appreciation of the different faiths and beliefs though sharing of knowledge and perspectives from religious leaders and representatives.
  • Interfaith Visits
    Guided visits to places of worship allow for greater insights into the various faiths and their religious practices. Participants will be able to better appreciate Singapore’s rich heritage and religious diversity through first had experience and in-depth explanations from religious leaders and representatives.
  • National IRCC Workshop
    An annual strategic workshop for members, key stakeholders to reflect and stock take on the IRCC milestones and achievements. The National IRCC Workshop is an apt platform for members, religious and community leaders to share, discuss and feedback on inter-faith issues. The workshop offers excellent opportunities for the members to network and cement valuable friendship bonds. In addition, the participants are appreciated and lauded for their efforts in promoting racial and religious harmony.
  • IRCC Cares
    Launched in 2009, "IRCC Cares" aims to help the less privileged in the community through a series of fund-raising and/or charity projects. The programme allows community leaders, religious organisations and partners to connect with one another, forge relationships and play their part for the less fortunate. It is a good example of the IRCCs’ commitment in constantly exploring new ways of interaction and communication. Such efforts cultivate a caring, compassionate and gracious society, and ultimately strengthen the foundations of racial and religious harmony.
  • IRCC @ Heartlands
    Themed: "Different Races, Many Beliefs, One Nation", IRCC’s publicity drive aims to:
    • Increase public awareness of its roles
    • Promote the networks of trust that unite people regardless of race or religion
    • Showcase the active and important bridges established among the religious, ethnic and community groups. 

The programme underscores our consistent effort in strengthening working relationships within the community. "IRCC @ Heartlands" is a unique platform for the IRCC to introduce various faiths to the public, engaging heartlanders directly through road shows featuring exhibition booths, interactive games and stage performances.

  • Capability-building Programmes
    Courses, workshops and crisis-preparedness exercises are conducted monthly to equip members with the skills and knowledge to facilitate their work in promoting inter-faith harmony and overcome challenges in maintaining peace in the community.

IRCC's Outreach Efforts

  • Website
    The IRCC website was launched in 2010 to increase public outreach and gather ground feedback. It provides information on racial and religious issues, upcoming activities, training programmes, complete with a photo gallery on what happens behind the scenes at IRCC events.
  • IRCC Newsletter
    The quarterly IRCC Newsletter - a ground-up initiative launched in 2013 - aims to raise public awareness on the important roles IRCCs play in bridging close relations among the various communities. With articles contributed by IRCC members and an editorial team made up of IRCC volunteers, the newsletter helps augment the IRCCs’ publicity efforts, encouraging everyone to play a part in maintaining racial and religious harmony. 
  • Social Media Portal (Facebook)
    Some IRCCs across the island have set up localised Facebook pages which help connect and engage members for the exchange of ideas, information sharing e.g. event photos, news articles and candid discussions amongst members of the various communities.
Last updated on 17 July 2021