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Code of Governance for Credit Co-ops

Members of credit co-ops consist of individuals who have entrusted their hard-earned savings to credit co-ops and expect their deposits and interests to be safeguarded. Good governance is thus important as it seeks to safeguard credit co-ops’ members’ deposits and maintain members’ confidence and trust. Good governance, when practised by credit co-ops’ top leadership, will enable a more resilient, effective and prudent organisation.

  • Code of Governance 2016
The Registry and the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) have jointly issued the Code of Governance 2016, which provides useful guidelines to help credit co-op officers carry out their duties in the best interests of the members.

  • Governance Evaluation Checklist 2016
To complement the Code of Governance, the Registry and SNCF have issued the Governance Evaluation Checklist 2016. This Checklist allows credit co-ops to assess their compliance with selected guidelines, better understand its state of governance and work on the areas that require improvements.

Governance Guides for Credit Co-ops

Last updated on 02 March 2019