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Having studied English Literature at Nanyang Technological University, Andrea’s love for writing drove her to start her namesake blog dreachong.com in 2013, with a desire to build a reading community that is equally excited about her passions.

Since then, Andrea has won numerous awards, including the Fashion Icon of the Year Award, ranked 1st on HippoNetwork’s “Top 50 Fashion Bloggers in Singapore”, and has appeared as a judge on fashion shows.

Andrea feels that Somerset Belt has the potential to become a space that not only fuels creativity and camaraderie, but also be the weekend destination for discerning tourists looking to shop trendy and explore what Singaporeans have to offer – be it local brands, music or F&B. Andrea and her DC community speaks to young women who are savvy, global, modern and driven, and she hopes to gather their thoughts and ideas in shaping the Belt.