The inaugural issue contains essays from Dr Alan Chong, Prof Tan Tai Yong, Dr Eugene Tan and other cultural professionals working in Singapore, who have also contributed essays which address new developments in Singapore’s museum scene as well as technologies being pioneered in conservation sciences in Singapore.


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10 Chapters
A Fine Balance: The Many (and Changing) Roles of a National Museum
Professor Tan Tai Yong, President, Yale-NUS College
13 mins read, 146KB
Films, Facts and History: Interpreting the Past
Dr John Kwok, Co-founder, Total Heritage
15 mins read, 159KB
A Golden Opportunity: Revamping the National Museum of Singapore for the Golden Jubilee Year
Ms Angelita Teo,Former Director, National Museum of Singapore
17 mins read, 3MB
Singapore as a Key to Understanding Asia: The Asian Civilisations Museum as a Cross-cultural Institution
Dr Alan Chong, Director and Chief Executive Officer, Currier Museum of Art
19 mins read, 3MB
Re-writing a National Art History: National Gallery Singapore
Dr Eugene Tan, Museum Director, Singapore Art Museum
13 mins read, 130KB
The Indian Heritage Centre: A Discourse on the Representation of Identity, Diversity and Aspiration Regarding The Indian Community’s Heritage in Singapore
Dr Gauri Parimoo Krishnan, Director, Dmbg Museum Consultants
24 mins read, 5MB
More Than a Garden: Singapore Botanic Gardens’ Journey Towards Becoming Singapore’s Inaugural UNESCO World Heritage Site
Ms Jean Wee, Director, Preservation of Sites & Monuments, National Heritage Board
19 mins read, 5MB
Retooling Collections Management: Tagging and Tracking Singapore’s National Collection with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags
Mr Lee Huang Han Sean, Principal Coach-Consultant, Totus Learning Solutions
Mr Darren Wong, Assistant Director, Heritage Conservation Centre, National Heritage Board, Singapore
22 mins read, 1MB
Conservation Science: The Forensics of Cultural Connections
Dr Hanna M Szczepanowska, Senior Conservation Scientist, Heritage Conservation Centre, Singapore
14 mins read, 2MB
Getting Online and Staying Engaged: The National Heritage Board’s Digital Engagement Journey
Mr Shaun Wong, Assistant Director, Strategic Communications and Digital, National Heritage Board
25 mins read, 3MB

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