As the culture sector puts the pandemic behind it, it's emerging into an uncertain and volatile world, buffeted by complex geopolitics and economic headwinds. How can governments, institutions and artists plan ahead? This eighth issue of Cultural Connections taps on leading thinkers and decision-makers to understand what the driving forces around us mean for the future of culture. While there may be turbulence ahead, there may also be tailwinds to take advantage of. How will the arts and culture continue to inspire humanity and reflect its dynamic diversity? The essays in this volume promise a rewarding read, looking at rich heritages that shape our present lives and the challenges and opportunities for the sector ahead.  

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10 Chapters
Building Back Better
Mr John Newbigin OBE, Creative Industries Ambassador for the Mayor of London, UK Chairman, Global Creative Economy Council
34 mins read, 81KB
In Conversation with the Leaders at the Helm of the National Arts Council and National Heritage Board
Mr Low Eng Teong, Chief Executive Officer, National Arts Council, Singapore
Chang Hwee Nee, Chief Executive Officer, National Heritage Board, Singapore
1 hr 17 mins read, 251KB
Artificial Intelligence as Artist: Copyright and the Rise of Creativity
Professor David Tan, Co-Director of the Centre for Technology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & the Law (TRAIL) Head (Intellectual Property) at the EW Barker Centre for Law & Business Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
53 mins read, 106KB
From Polycrisis to Collective Solutions: How Art Funders Can Help Build a Better World
Mr Simon Brault O.C., O.Q., Director and CEO, Canada Council for the Arts
38 mins read, 90KB
The Future of our Arts and Culture: A View from Hong Kong
Mr Winsome Chow, Chief Executive, Hong Kong Arts Development Council
41 mins read, 86KB
Charting the Way Forward for Singapore’s Media Industry
Mr Justin Ang, Assistant Chief Executive for Media, Innovation, Communications & Marketing Infocomm Media Development Authority
45 mins read, 254KB
Building Bridges and Celebrating Diversity in a Turbulent World
Mr R Rajaram JP, Chairman, Indian Heritage Centre Advisory Board Registrar, National University of Singapore
48 mins read, 255KB
A Minnow Navigates the Torrents
Mr Mervin Beng, Chairman, Resound Collective Limited Founder/Director, Singapore Chamber Music Festival Contributor (Classical Music Reviews), The Straits Times, Singapore
43 mins read, 133KB
Winds of Change: Three Pre-Independence Debates which Shaped Singapore Chinese Literature
Associate Professor Tan Chee Lay, Associate Professor and Deputy Head, Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
50 mins read, 189KB
Preserving Human Culture in an Age of Technological Disruption: Reflections on Knowledge, Education and the Role of Universities
Professor Joseph Chinyong Liow, Tan Kah Kee Chair Professor, Comparative and International Politics Dean, College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
41 mins read, 89KB

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