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We put the unity
into our community


Resilience and Engagement Division aims to grow a strong civic culture and strengthen social cohesion by promoting shared values, citizen engagement, and national identity.

The division develops programmes to improve citizen engagement and partnership capabilities in Government agencies, to nurture an active citizenry and foster a culture of shared responsibility for the common good. It coordinates the SG Cares movement, which aims to build a more caring and inclusive home, through everyday acts of consideration and care, active volunteerism and ground-up efforts.

The division also drives integration efforts, which endeavours to strengthen cohesion and foster an open society through strategic projects, partnerships and ground-up projects.

Did you know?

The Lion head symbol was offered as a gift to the nation and it was designed by a young Singaporean designer Mr Michael Lee.

Building a sense of belonging

When we think of Singapore, we recall the places, faces and shared experiences that make this country home. Whether you're here or abroad, these initiatives help to connect us to the people, heritage and history that make us Singaporean.

Bringing the community together

We are a nation of people from diverse origins, cultures and backgrounds, united under our shared identity as Singaporeans. Through initiatives that strengthen community cohesion, we enable all citizens, both new and existing, to come together as one.