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If our work resonates with you, we’d love to have you come on board with us. We have schemes and opportunities that help build meaningful careers.

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At MCCY, we seek to inspire people in Singapore through the arts and sports. By strengthening community bonds, supporting our youth, and promoting volunteerism and philanthrophy, we help to build a caring, cohesive and confident society. With our partners, we work to make Singapore a home where all of us can pursue our aspirations.

Join us to experience a range of interesting portfolios, including shaping policies, developing programmes and fostering partnerships to build a nation we are proud to call home.

Apply now to discover how you can journey with MCCY Family to make a difference!


To find out what it is like to work in MCCY or the Civil Service, apply for an internship with us!

You will gain invaluable insights into MCCY's work, and experience learning from fellow interns, MCCY Management and staff, as well as other Government agencies.

If you are a Singaporean/PR pursuing an undergraduate degree or diploma in a local or overseas university/polytechnic and have completed your first year of studies, you are welcome to apply by sending your resume to joinus@mccy.gov.sg. Application for internships is open from Feb (March - Aug run) and Oct (Nov - Jan run).

Successful candidates will be invited for interviews and internship placement is subject to availability of projects.

Learning & development opportunities

MCCY induction programme

To get you familiarised with the civil service ethos and the MCCY work environment, you will be invited to attend our Team-Learn-Care (TLC) induction programme.TLC will give you an excellent opportunity for team building, learning and embracing the spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Training and career development

As part of your career development, you will be provided on-the-job training, and invited to attend in-house training, courses at the Civil Service College and external conferences and seminars. You will also experience a meaningful career within the MCCY Family where you will deepen your skills, knowledge and experience in specialised domains, and broaden your exposure through available development opportunities within MCCY or across our family of agencies.

Training sponsorships and scholarships

MCCY offers training sponsorships to our eligible officers who are committed to upgrading themselves. As part of leadership development, outstanding officers with strong leadership potential will also be offered postgraduate scholarships with the opportunity to progress within the MCCY Family.

Benefits & other perks

At MCCY, we believe it is important to provide a supportive and flexible work environment for our employees' well-being. We have in place the following benefits and initiatives for you:


  • Vacation leave (14/18 days)
  • Marriage leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Paternity leave
  • Sick leave and hospitalisation leave
  • Parent-care leave
  • Childcare leave for officers with children under 12 years old
  • Compassionate leave
  • Volunteer leave
  • Study leave for work-related courses

Other perks

  • Telecommuting arrangement
  • Staggered working hours
  • Medisave contribution
  • Subsidised outpatient and dental treatment
  • Civil Service Club Holiday Chalets
  • Gymnasium facilities
  • Participation in interest groups, social and sports activities that promote well-being
  • “Bring your kids to work” day
  • Health screening

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is close to our hearts at MCCY. By giving back to society, we want to create a caring and cohesive society. We are all about making a positive impact in the community, and that is our MCCY heartbeat!

We also have dedicated CSR Days and regular blood donation drives. You are also encouraged to volunteer within your unit as part of teambuilding efforts - or what we call “Volun-teaming”. In addition, you will have 1 day unrecorded volunteer leave to pursue any charitable cause of your choice.

MCCY's adopted charity
Care Community Services Society (CCSS) - Stamford CareHut is MCCY’s adopted charity/programme. Stamford CareHut is a school-based student care centre that provides affordable after-school care for children from low-income and/or single-parent families. MCCY partners Stamford CareHut in a variety of programmes, such as the KidsRead Programme which instills a love for reading in children. Find out more about Stamford CareHut.

Reward and recognition

MCCY adopts a clean, transparent and performance-driven wage system, aligned with the Civil Service’s compensation framework.

We reward contributions and good performance in the form of awards, bonuses, staff appreciation, leadership and development opportunities, etc.  

Our recognition programme is designed to build a future-ready, innovative and positive culture, and reinforces the cultivation of our values, which is to:
(a) Build relationships and collaborate to make great things happen; and
(b) Exercise leadership at all levels to make a difference.

Meet Our People


Sunil Rai

Resilience and Engagement Division

I am part of the Capability Development team in the Resilience and Engagement Division (RED) in MCCY, which helps public offers become better at engaging our stakeholders – particularly our citizens.

Together with my team, I worked closely with agencies in developing the Citizen Engagement Fieldguide which is intended to support agencies in their engagement efforts. It is one of the ways through which we educate agencies on the different modes of engagement, the pros and cons of various techniques, and share learnings from engagements done by various agencies. In addition to the Fieldguide, I have had the opportunity to develop a system to help agencies track their engagements.

Citizen Engagement is important, but it carries with itself a baggage of scepticism and fear. Suffice to say, engagements need to be done with greater tact to overcome these barriers so that honest and open conversations between the public and the government can take place. Having had the chance to do some frontline engagements myself, I know this is extremely challenging but something worth striving for.

Given that I had no prior engagement experience before joining the office, I am grateful for the learning experience, supportive bosses and the autonomy to experiment, which has helped me grow over the last 2 years.

Shi Lei

Wong Shi Lei

Integration Directorate

As part of the integration team in Resilience and Engagement Division, my work revolves around engaging our stakeholders and rallying supporters to join us in promoting positive interactions between locals and foreigners in our communities. What I enjoy most would be interacting with people of different backgrounds from various domains - community, schools, workplaces and the media, as well as working with colleagues from partner agencies and different teams across the organisation to explore integration issues. There are always stories and different perspectives shared, which can be interesting and sometimes challenging to address!

I am proud to contribute to a dedicated team that supports the National Integration Council (NIC), examines the state of integration in Singapore, oversees the Singapore Citizenship Journey to welcome new citizens and manages the Community Integration Fund that supports ground-up integration projects. While we are the newest addition to the MCCY family, I look forward to celebrating the NIC 10th Anniversary with our new colleagues, supporters, stakeholders and advocates in 2019 to build a stronger, diverse and cohesive Singapore.

Last updated on 15 March 2019