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Developing future asatizah with relevant knowledge and skills

Response to parliamentary question on selection and appointment of the members of the Committee on Future Asatizah (COFA)


Mr Muhamad Faisal Abdul Manap: To ask the Minister for Environment and Water Resources & Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs (a) who are involved in the selection and appointment of the members of the recently announced Committee on Future Asatizah (COFA); and (b) what are the criteria used in the selection and appointment of these members to COFA.


  1. Senior Minister of State Dr Maliki Osman: Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) established the Committee on Future Asatizah (COFA) in March 2019 to advance thinking about the skills and competencies of future asatizah, and advise on strategies to develop the asatizah workforce. Future asatizah need to be equipped with strong grounding in religious knowledge, as well as with work-relevant skills.
  2. In selecting the COFA members, MUIS considered two key factors. First, the COFA needs strong representation from the asatizah fraternity, since its work has a direct impact on asatizah, as well as from Malay/Muslim community leaders. Both senior and young asatizah, including madrasah leaders, have been appointed to the COFA as they offer important perspectives on the key attributes of future asatizah and how to nurture them.
  3. Second, the COFA includes professionals and academics from different fields who can advise on industry trends and continuing education and training in non-religious sectors where asatizah can contribute, such as in social work and counselling.
  4. Since its establishment, the COFA has been engaging key stakeholders and the wider community extensively. More than 400 individuals have participated, including senior asatizah, representatives from Muslim organisations, Islamic education providers and VWOs, professionals and business owners, academics, youths, Islamic studies undergraduates, madrasah educators, religious officers and members of the mosque fraternity. Members of the public can also give their feedback and suggestions through an online portal. Through the COFA engagements, the wider community will be able to share their aspirations for our future asatizah, and how they can better meet the evolving socio-religious needs of the community.


Last updated on 08 August 2019