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Claim and spend rate of elderly for CDC Vouchers Scheme 2021

Response to a parliamentary question on elderly households who are 65 years and above, who claimed and spend for CDC Vouchers Scheme 2021

  1. The first tranche of the digital CDC Vouchers was launched on 13 December 2021 under the CDC Vouchers Scheme 2021 to thank Singaporeans for their sense of solidarity during the COVID-19 pandemic and to support heartland merchants and hawkers.
  2. As of 30 June 2022, about 1.17million or 96% of 1.22 million Singaporean households have claimed their vouchers under the CDC Vouchers Scheme 2021. Out of the $122million under CDC Vouchers Scheme 2021, about over $98million (or 80.3%) has been spent.  
  3. We are encouraged by the positive response as well as feedback received on the Scheme from Singaporeans, many of whom found the digital vouchers easy to use and helpful in offsetting their daily expenses. The Scheme also provides support to our participating heartland merchants and hawkers who have seen a boost in their businesses. 
  4. In respect of these vouchers, the CDCs do not gather information on the households or age of the heads of households.
Last updated on 05 July 2022