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Enabling seniors to participate in sports and physical activities

Response to parliamentary question on plans to promote sporting excellence for seniors

  1. As Singapore’s population ages, MCCY and SportSG have been intentional in developing strategies to enable seniors to participate in sports and physical activities to ensure their health and well-being, as part of the national Action Plan for Successful Ageing and the recently launched Healthier SG initiative. 

  2. In 2017, Sport Singapore established the ActiveSG Masters Club to bring together various sports interest groups and conduct programmes such as fitness workouts for those aged 40 and above. These programmes cater to a range of levels of fitness and allow seniors to progress at their own pace. The ActiveSG Masters Club partners with various health and community organisations to provide expertise and support seniors in their sporting activities.  This includes the Gym Tonic programme – an effective, evidence-based strength training programme that improves seniors’ functional abilities.

  3. As part of the annual GetActive! Singapore initiative, Sport Singapore works with partners such as the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), Qi Gong Association, Senior Activity Centres and nursing homes to provide friendly competitive opportunities during Seniors’ Sports Day. For example, seniors enjoyed playing walking football, seated volleyball and walking captain’s ball during the National Celebration of Seniors last month. In 2022, 150,000 seniors participated in ActiveSG competitions and programmes.

  4. For seniors who wish to engage in more competitive sport and represent Singapore at international competitions, the Temasek Foundation Inspire Fund for Athletes provides financial support for their sporting aspirations. This fund has no age limit or restriction on the type of sports. To date, the Fund has supported 50 seniors to compete overseas and fly our Singapore flag high. For example, Mr Toh Lian Tai, aged 63, won Gold in the Men’s Singles Intermediate (60+) category at the Asia Pickleball Open in April in Thailand; Ms Katherine Choo, aged 72, won Silver in the Women 1500m event at the World Masters Athletics Tempere  in June in Finland.

  5. We are encouraged by the increasing participation rate of our seniors in physical activities – from about 40% in 2011 to about 70% in 2021.  We will continue to pursue opportunities for sports and physical activities for our seniors.  
Last updated on 29 November 2022