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Ministry of National Development (MND) Grassroots Organisation Scheme for Grassroots Leaders

Response to parliamentary question on the number of PA grassroots leaders who obtained a flat under the MND Grassroots Organisation Scheme.

1. Under the MND Grassroots Organisation (GRO) Scheme, eligible grassroots leaders (GRLs) can apply for HDB BTO flats and ECs in constituencies within the Town Council boundary they serve in.  GRLs are eligible after performing three years of continuous and active service at their GROs.  

2       In the last 5 years, about 87,000 homes were launched for public sale.  An average of 42 GRLs obtained their flats under the scheme each year.  

3       As explained to this House in previous sitting of Parliament, the number of GRLs who have obtained their flats under this scheme in each year accounts for approximately 0.1% of all GRLs.     
Last updated on 04 October 2022