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Update on merchants participating in the CDC vouchers scheme

Response to parliamentary question on criteria and number of merchants participating in the Community Development Council Vouchers Scheme

1 The CDC Vouchers Scheme aims to support Singaporeans in their daily expenses as well as help heartland merchants and hawkers in their businesses. Heartland merchants in trades involving daily necessities and services (such as F&B, minimarts, household retail and salons/ barbers) and hawkers would generally be eligible to be enrolled onto the Scheme.  Heartland merchants or hawkers who are interested to be enrolled onto the Scheme, can register with the CDCs at the website: or through their respective Merchants' Associations, Hawkers' Associations, or Business Advisers at SME Centres@CDC. The CDC Ambassadors will then visit the merchants and hawkers in the heartlands to make an assessment, and enrol them. 

2            Since the launch of the CDC Vouchers Scheme in December 2021, more than 18,000 participating heartland merchants and hawkers have been enrolled onto the Scheme.  The CDCs will continue to reach out to a broad cross section of heartland merchants and hawkers so that more businesses can benefit from the CDC Vouchers Scheme.

Last updated on 10 October 2022