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Safeguards of the SG Mental Well-being Network

Response to parliamentary question on the safeguards for the participants of the SG Mental Well-being Network's initiatives

  1. The SG Mental Well-Being Network is a network comprising citizens and partners aimed at strengthening Singaporeans’ mental
    well-being. Launched in July 2022, it is an expansion of the Youth Mental Well-Being Network, which was set up at the start of the
    COVID-19 pandemic primarily for youths.
  2. The Network will focus initially on destigmatising and raising awareness of mental well-being issues, build mental well-being
    literacy and strengthening community and peer support.
  3. One key deliverable under the Network is to pilot Well-Being Circles in the community. The Circles will train and equip citizens
    with the skills to look after themselves and support one another. The Circles will be led by grassroot leaders and community volunteers, and the Network will support them with resources, partnerships, and training.
  4. The training provided to the Circles will equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to: provide basic socio-emotional support, encourage help-seeking in persons with mental health challenges, and support wayfinding to resources for self-care as well as further interventions. The Circles cater to individuals with less intensive mental health needs, complementing the role of other mental health services in the community.
  5. Partner organisations of the Network will be encouraged to implement safeguards for their own volunteers’ well-being. These
    include organising routine check-ins with volunteers or providing counselling support if volunteers experience significant emotional distress when supporting others.
Last updated on 13 September 2022