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Affordability of Stall Rentals at Trade Fairs and Bazaars

Response to parliamentary question on affordability of stall rentals at trade fairs and bazaars

  1. Trade fairs and bazaars which are organised on state land are done through an open tender process, to appoint a professional fair operator to manage and operate the event. Whilst PA does not run the trade fair or bazaar, it sets the relevant conditions and specifications for the successful operator to ensure that event is held in a suitable, conducive and safe environment for stall operators and patrons alike.
  2. This is done through the terms of an open tender, which include ensuring the adequate supply of utilities and amenities; and the provision of suitable logistical support.
  3. A successful tenderer will have to comply with the terms of the tender. The successful tenderer also sets the relevant rental rates for the stalls having regard to factors such as the duration and location of the event, and the type of business, based on market rates. An entity or individual who intends to bid for a stall will know in advance the rental rates which are proposed to be charged, as well as the other details onwhich the trade fair or bazaar is operated. They can then assess whether to make a bid.
  4. In the case of the currently ongoing Bazaar Raya Geylang Serai and Hari Raya Light Up (“Bazaar”) organised by PA since 2014, the above framework would apply. There were several bids, and the tender was then awarded to a consortium of operators. In considering the tender, price is one factor, amongst others. In the present case, the award did not go to the bidder with the highest price.
  5. Since 2019, Wisma Geylang Serai (WGS) has taken over the organising of the Bazaar, and is responsible for the overall place-making and programming at the Bazaar which has traditionally been held in the month of Ramadan, leading up to Hari Raya.
  6. WGS curates the programming at the precinct, including the Bazaar. This includes the Light Up, concerts, cooking and talk shows, all of which add to the buzz and festive cheer, and also generates additional footfall to the Bazaar. The Singapore Tourism Board also promotes the Bazaar as a destination for locals and tourists.
  7. This year’s Bazaar, at 36 days, is the longest festive bazaar on record. In total, almost 700 stalls were taken up. Of this, a substantial number of stall-holders had previously either operated a stall at the Bazaar in a prior year, or at some other trade fairs organised by PA orthe Merchants’ Association. A fair number took up more than one stall at the Bazaar.
  8. In an effort to support Home-Based Businesses, a section of the Bazaar is reserved for them where they are given stalls at a low-cost rental, at $55 per day. Various community groups, such as NKF, 4PM and Jamiyah Singapore, are provided with complimentary space, at no charge.
Last updated on 21 April 2023