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Suggestion on Honouring the Contributions of Centenarians

Response to parliamentary question on the suggestion made in the House on 8 March 2017 that the President of Singapore issues congratulatory notes to Singapore centenarians on the occasion of their birthdays

  1. We would like to honour the achievements and contributions of Centenarians in Singapore, and celebrate their longevity and contributions to Singapore.  At present, there are various organic and ground-up initiatives which celebrate our centenarians, such as where grassroots volunteers visit the centenarians or their families and present them with a gift.  We are heartened by these local community initiatives and encourage them to continue to do so.
  2. MCCY and PA are studying the most appropriate ways in which Singaporean centenarians can be recognised at a national level, and will announce further details when ready.
Last updated on 14 February 2023