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Feasibility of hosting Commonwealth Games 2026 in Singapore

Response to parliamentary question on whether Singapore will host the Commonwealth Games 2026

Oral PQ 5885: Mr Leong Mun Wai: To ask the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth (a) what is the projected cost of hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games by Singapore; (b) whether Singapore will consider hosting the 2030 Commonwealth Games if it does not host the 2026 edition; and (c) whether the results of the feasibility study to host the 2026 Games will be made public. 

  1. At last November’s Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) General Assembly, the CGF invited all Commonwealth Games Associations, including Singapore, to express interest in hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games.
  2. We have since studied the feasibility of hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games and have decided not to make any bid to host the Games.
  3. Should we receive future invitations to express interest in hosting the Commonwealth Games, we can consider doing so based on the circumstances at that point in time. 
Last updated on 05 April 2024