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Impact on public access to golf courses

Response to parliamentary question on public access to golf courses

Oral PQ 5915: Mr Chua Kheng Wee Louis: To ask the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth with the closure of all three public golf courses by 2024 (a) whether there are plans to convert any of the 14 private golf courses for public use; and (b) whether there are plans to ensure that the sport remains accessible to the general public, especially schools and students.

  1. Golfing is a land-intensive sport and there is a need to balance the allocation of land to the sport vis-à-vis the competing demands for land in Singapore, such as for public housing.
  2. We recognise that it is important for the public to have continued access to the sport. The Government is looking at how we can ensure continued access to golf courses. 
  3. In the near-term, we have made available options to provide for public access to golfing.
    • First, the operator of the Mandai Executive Golf Course has been granted a two-year tenancy extension until December 2026.
    • Second, taking into consideration the impending closure of the 18-hole public course at Marina Bay Golf Course, the Government had earlier worked with Keppel Club to set aside slots at the Sime Golf Course for public use at an affordable price range, comparable to other public courses. Currently, the majority of slots at the Keppel Sime Course – on both weekdays as well as weekends – are set aside for members of the public.
  4. The Government will also look into the feasibility of public golfing facilities for the longer-term, bearing in mind other needs of Singaporeans, at the same time.
Last updated on 05 April 2024