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Update on Sports Facilities Master Plan

Response to parliamentary question on giving an update under the Sports Facilities Master Plan to provide more sport facilities in community areas

Written PQ 5665: Mr Christopher de Souza: To ask the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth whether the Ministry can provide an update on the initiatives under the Sports Facilities Master Plan to provide more sport facilities in community areas such as the redevelopment of the Farrer Park Swimming Complex.

  1. The Sport Facilities Master Plan (SFMP) by Sport Singapore, is a key initiative of Vision 2030, the national sports blueprint. SFMP aims to provide Singaporeans with innovative, accessible, affordable and relevant sport facilities, with a majority having such access within a 10-minute walk from their homes by around 2030. These include a variety of facilities from comprehensive sport centres with gyms and swimming pools, to the many MOE school facilities, and free-to-play sport spaces located conveniently in our housing estates.
  2. Today, SportSG has built 10 Sport-in-Precinct (SIP) facilities with another 24 more in various development stages. SIPs provide free-to-play sport facilities such as sheltered multipurpose courts, jogging tracks as well as multi-generational outdoor fitness equipment. These SIPs are located conveniently within HDB estates for residents to use. 
  3. SportSG has also worked with MOE to make available more than 370 Dual Use Scheme (DUS) facilities including indoor sport halls and free-to-play fields which Singaporeans can use on weekends to play football or frisbee with their friends and family. 
  4. Just last year, we saw the reopening of Chua Chu Kang Sport Centre and Delta Sport Centre. This year, we can look forward to the opening of four more new facilities:
    • the Kallang Tennis Hub,
    • the Kallang Football Hub,
    • new basketball courts at the former Bedok Swimming Complex and 
    • a facility for softball and baseball at Jurong East.
  5. Residents in Punggol and Clementi can also look forward to new sport facilities in the coming years.
    • At Clementi, there will be a new sport facility which includes a jogging track and sport courts that are open to the public.
    • At Punggol, the Regional Sport Centre will have a 5,000-seater stadium, a swimming complex, an indoor sport hall with 20 badminton courts, a team sport hall, a gym, fitness studios, sheltered tennis and futsal courts, a water sport centre and an archery field.
  6. In addition, we are exploring a sport centre in the new Farrer Park Town Play Field with facilities such as a multi-purpose play field, a swimming complex, multi-purpose sport halls, community sporting spaces and a park zone. These were also designed in consultation with residents.
Last updated on 05 April 2024