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ActiveSG inclusive swimming pools and gyms

Response to parliamentary question on usage of ActiveSG inclusive swimming pools and gyms by persons with disabilities

Written PQ 5425. Mr Ong Hua Han: To ask the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth (a) for each year from 2019 to 2023, what proportion of people who have used ActiveSG’s inclusive swimming pools are Persons with Disabilities; and (b) whether there are plans to retrofit more swimming pools with ramps beyond the six swimming pools currently.

Written PQ 5426. Mr Ong Hua Han: To ask the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth (a) whether ActiveSG keeps track of the number of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) who visit inclusive gyms; and (b) given that ActiveSG plans to make all ActiveSG Gyms inclusive by 2026, what are the plans to increase usage of the gyms by PwDs.

  1. SportSG’s current system does not track the number of persons with disabilities who use the ActiveSG inclusive swimming pools and gyms as it does not require its users to state if they have any disabilities when registering to be ActiveSG members.
  2. The National Sport Participation Survey (NSPS) conducted by SportSG shows rising participation in sports by persons with disabilities – from 28% in 2015 to 54% in 2022. To support even more persons with disabilities to access our sports facilities, SportSG is taking steps to enable even more of its ActiveSG swimming pools and gyms to be inclusive.
  3. The number of swimming pools that have been retrofitted with ramps for wheelchairs has increased from six to eight over the past year. By the end of 2025, two more swimming pools will have ramps as part of ActiveSG’s rejuvenation plans. SportSG will study the feasibility and explore the installation of inclusive features such as ramps and hoists at all remaining ActiveSG swimming pools. All new ActiveSG swimming facilities will also be fitted with inclusive features.
  4.  Eight ActiveSG gyms have been equipped with machines to make them accessible for users of all abilities. SportSG is on track to make all 27 ActiveSG gyms inclusive by 2026. To encourage gym usage by persons with disabilities, SportSG is developing an ActiveSG gym orientation programme for persons with disabilities that will be ready this year. 
  5. MCCY and SportSG have also been working with partners to update the Disability Sports Master Plan (DSMP) to further boost sport participation among persons with disabilities and will share more details later this year.
Last updated on 06 February 2024