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Claiming and resale of CDC Vouchers

Response to parliamentary question on how residents are able to claim their CDC vouchers and mitigating resale of CDC vouchers online

Oral PQ 5699 Mr Yip Hon Weng: To ask the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth since the launch of the Community Development Council (CDC) Vouchers Scheme 2024 (a) how many claimants have outdated addresses or residences that are rented out; (b) what is the Ministry doing to prevent mis-redemption; and (c) what action is being taken to penalise those selling the CDC Vouchers online.

  1. The CDC Vouchers Scheme (CDCV) 2024 was launched on 3 January 2024 as part of the Government’s continuing efforts to help Singaporean households cope with their daily expenses and support heartland merchants and hawkers.
  2. Every Singaporean household is eligible to claim $500 worth of CDC Vouchers 2024. Similar to previous rounds, Singaporean households will not be disadvantaged due to outdated addresses or co-tenanted living situations, as long as they can provide proof (such as a tenancy agreement or  marriage certificate) that they are not from the same household and have not claimed the CDC Vouchers before. Those with difficulty claiming their vouchers can approach their nearest Community Club for assistance. We encourage residents to update their NRIC information promptly upon moving to a new address, as this will facilitate their CDC voucher claim.
  3. The CDC vouchers are not for resale nor exchangeable for cash. With the widespread participation of heartland merchants and supermarkets in the CDC Vouchers Scheme, residents have ample options to redeem their vouchers. The scheme makes it convenient for residents to buy a variety of essential goods and services to defray their daily expenses. The CDCs are working closely with online reselling platforms to prevent or stop the reselling of CDC vouchers on such channels. Members of the public who spot any such activities should promptly report them to the CDCs via the PA Contact helpline at 6225 5322.
Last updated on 07 February 2024