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Role of the Singapore Government Partnerships Office

Response to parliamentary question on the operational functions of the Singapore Government Partnerships Office

Written PQ 5455 Mr Yip Hon Weng: To ask the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth (a) how will the Singapore Government Partnerships Office (SGPO) ensure prudence in the use of public funds and maximise benefit for Singaporeans; (b) how will SGPO's performance be evaluated; (c) whom will the SGPO report to for projects involving significant public funds and inputs; (d) whether SGPO’s focus will extend beyond social projects; and (e) for projects under SGPO involving public facilities, who determines the management responsibilities.

  1. The Singapore Government Partnerships Office (SGPO) was established to take the lead and strengthen the government’s partnerships and engagements with citizens.
  2. The Office serves as a first-stop for individuals and interest groups keen to partner the government. Through the Partners Portal on the SGPO website, citizens can submit proposals for partnership ideas. These proposals are not limited by domain.
  3. The Office will connect these individuals and groups with relevant government agencies and existing resources to help turn ideas into action. Government agencies who hold the policy domain for proposed partnership ideas will take the lead in assessing these proposals and comply with existing funding and procurement guidelines.
  4. SGPO is in the initial weeks of operation and is closely tracking citizen proposals submitted through the Partners Portal. It is also taking this time to assess and finetune its systems and processes, including the appropriate metrics. The Office will update the public on citizen-government partnership proposals at an appropriate time.
Last updated on 07 February 2024