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Maximising use of CDC Vouchers through affordable meal options

Response to parliamentary question on maximising use of CDC Vouchers through more affordable meal options such as budget meal

Written PQ 5949. Mr Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim: To ask the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth whether there are plans since the launch of the Community Development Council (CDC) Vouchers Scheme 2024, to encourage more food and beverage merchants to provide a minimum number of budget meal options and ensure that more merchants provide affordable services so that households may maximise the use of these vouchers.


  1. The Community Development Councils and the Ministry of National Development are working with coffee shop chains to offer residents more budget meal options. 
  2. Besides providing value meals and drinks, the stalls in these coffee shops also allow the redemption of CDC Vouchers as participating CDC Voucher scheme stalls. The presence of these F&B establishments helps Singaporean households further stretch the value of their CDC vouchers and better cope with their living expenses.
Last updated on 09 July 2024