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Framework promoting arts for health and well-being

Response to parliamentary question on framework promoting arts for health and well-being

Oral PQ 5874: To ask the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth (a) what are the plans under the framework promoting arts for health and well-being, to be developed by the National Arts Council in collaboration with healthcare entities, to upskill arts self-employed persons (SEPs) to meet the framework’s desired outcomes; (b) how many art SEPs does the Ministry expect to upskill under such plans; (c) how will user demand be cultivated under the framework; and (d) what training support will be extended to SEPs under the framework.

  1. NAC is working closely with our partners, including healthcare entities, to formulate the framework details.
  2. The framework seeks to include best practices, impact measurement tools and case studies that artists and community partners can use. This will create more opportunities for arts practitioners, many of whom are self-employed, to use their talents and craft to support and promote wellbeing.
  3. NAC will share more details later.
Last updated on 09 May 2024