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Stay Safe, Stay Strong and Stay United as Circuit Breaker measures ease

As Singapore eases out of Circuit Breaker, into the ‘Safe Re-opening’ phase, social responsibility, mental well-being, and mutual support are crucial to this transition.

  1. As Singapore eases out of Circuit Breaker, into the ‘Safe Re-opening’ phase, social responsibility, mental well-being, and mutual support are crucial to this transition. It is time to encourage each other, and to say “Stay Strong, Singapore” in the face of our challenges. In support of this, the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) has revamped the SG United portal ( to better equip Singaporeans to heed this call, and will be launching the SG United Digital Appreciation Board later this month.
  2. Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Ms Grace Fu said, “The Circuit Breaker was challenging, but Singaporeans came together to support one another to bring community transmission down. Life will be different from now on, and we will have to learn to live and adapt to this new world. As a nation, we must maintain our community spirit and resilience to face the new normal. Stay Strong, Singapore!”

    Stay Safe

  3. Our continued vigilance and adherence to safe distancing and hygiene measures are important so that everyone can Stay Safe. The phased re-opening as Circuit Breaker measures ease will come with evolving restrictions to ensure public safety. The public is encouraged to visit official sources ( for the latest information and to use the TraceTogether app and SafeEntry. We can all continue to play a part in keeping our community safe by exercising individual responsibilities as the restrictions are gradually relaxed. We encourage our citizens to remind others to stay safe. We would also like our community partners to remind the public that we still need to be vigilant and follow both the spirit and the word of public health guidelines.

    Stay Strong

  4. Our well-being and resilience as a community is important now more than ever in these unprecedented times. Singaporeans must Stay Strong – take care of our personal well-being, as well as support the well-being of those around us. We have overcome difficult periods in the past, and we can do it again. We will adapt to meet the challenges ahead and emerge as a stronger and more caring community.
  5. As we step out of the Circuit Breaker, MCCY has also partnered Happiness Initiative, a social enterprise, to encourage the public to share their reflections or experiences during this period, via social media with the hashtags #SGUnited and #SingaporeTogether. We hope this can help encourage others around us to keep our spirits up. There will also be a special Facebook frame, Instagram filter, as well as WhatsApp and Telegram sticker packs for Singaporeans to use to show support and rally their loved ones. More information can be found on

    Stay United

  6. Singaporeans have come together during the Circuit Breaker to help others who are in need. This spirit and fortitude as a nation will see us through the uncertain times ahead. We must continue to Stay United – caring for others around us, appreciating and cheering one another on. We encourage individuals to share their time and resources with those in need. We can appreciate our frontline heroes, and one another for keeping Singapore safe. We can also express our solidarity by displaying our flag.

    SG United Digital Appreciation Board

    Mock-up of landing page for SG United Digital Appreciation Board

    Mock-up of landing page for SG United Digital Appreciation Board

  7. Many in our community - our frontline and essential workers, family and friends - have supported us over the last few months. As we transit out of Circuit Breaker, it is timely for us to continue to show our appreciation to one another.
  8. MCCY is developing the SG United Digital Appreciation Board for Singaporeans to convey their support and appreciation to these everyday heroes, which will launch later this month. This digital platform will complement previous efforts to thank our everyday heroes through physical SG United Appreciation Zones and Appreciation Booths.
  9. Through the Digital Appreciation Board, the public can pen messages of support and appreciation to frontline staff and essential workers, as well as others in their communities. These could include neighbours, friends, colleagues, or volunteers and ground-up groups who have supported them. Users can choose to download these messages or share them directly via various social media and messaging platforms. These messages will also be uploaded onto a “Message Gallery”, where users can browse and read messages penned by others.

    Displaying the National Flag

  10. During this period, Singaporeans have requested to display the National Flag from their homes to show support for one another. The Government supported this with the earlier amendment to the Singapore Arms and Flag and National Anthem (SAFNA) Act, which allows the display of the National Flag from 25 April 2020 till 30 September 2020. The Ministry will continue to support this gesture.
  11. Members of the public who have difficulty obtaining the National Flags and were not able to register for one in the recent round of distribution, can obtain a Flag during the upcoming National Day period. Singaporeans are encouraged to display the Flag as a show of solidarity, unity and appreciation for one another.

    Support from corporations and community groups
  12. To mark the easing of Circuit Breaker measures, several corporate partners and organisations have pledged to continue supporting the SG United effort by illuminating their buildings or venues in solidarity from 1 June to mid-June. The call to ‘Stay Strong, Singapore’, the #SGUnited hashtag and the National Flag will be projected at several venues and some will accompany the building illumination with messages on screens within the vicinity – reminding the public to stay safe, stay strong, and stay united. This effort will reinforce SG United messages in public spaces as Singapore gradually re-opens post-Circuit Breaker. A list of participating partners is found in Annex A.
  13. Throughout the Circuit Breaker, many ground-up groups and individuals have stepped up efforts to support various needs in the community, and they will continue to do so. Some on-going community activities are listed in Annex B and the public can visit to find out more about how they can contribute to help others.

    Revamp of the SG United portal

  14. To support Singaporeans to Stay Safe, Stay Strong and Stay United, the SG United portal (  has been revamped.
    • The “Stay Safe” section contains activities and initiatives which can keep Singaporeans engaged as they stay home as much as possible. It will also include information on how the public can remain safe when outside (e.g., contact tracing apps – SafeEntry, TraceTogether).
    • The “Stay Strong” section provides self-help resources with a focus on mental wellness, and activities that encourage Singaporeans to connect and encourage one another.
    • The “Stay United” section highlights how the public can help the community through volunteering and donation opportunities, as well as initiatives that support and appreciate others.

Issued by:
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
1 June 2020

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