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Law Society Pro Bono Services and SG Cares sign MOU to grow skills-based volunteerism in the legal industry

Law Society Pro Bono Services will serve as a national-level intermediary to encourage skills-based volunteerism within the legal sector

  1. The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY)’s Singapore Cares Office (SG Cares Office) has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Law Society Pro Bono Services (LSPBS) to further grow skills-based volunteerism in Singapore.
  2. Minister for Culture, Community and Youth & Second Minister for Law, Mr Edwin Tong, witnessed the signing of the MOU today between Dr Ang Hak Seng, Deputy Secretary of MCCY, and Mr Gregory Vijayendran, SC, President of Law Society and Chairman of LSPBS.
  3. With the signing of the MOU, LSPBS will serve as SG Cares’ national-level intermediary to grow skills-based volunteerism within the legal sector and inculcate the values of care, consideration and contribution in working and young adults, including law undergraduates. Skills-based volunteerism refers to utilising one’s profession skills and expertise when serving the community.
  4. LSPBS, with support and resources from SG Cares Office, will grow regular and sustained skills-based volunteers, and forge future partnerships with stakeholders in the legal and non-profit sectors. The SG Cares Office will also work closely with LSPBS to bring skills-based volunteers closer to the needs on the ground, through its network of SG Cares Volunteer Centres.
  5. Mr Tong said, “The Law Society has always had a strong record of contributing their skills and expertise to the wider society. This partnership between SG Cares Office and Law Society Pro Bono Services will deepen the culture of care by encouraging more individuals from the legal sector to serve the community through skills-based volunteerism. I encourage more to step forward as we continue to work together to grow the spirit of SG Cares and strengthen our Singapore society.”
  6. Mr Gregory Vijayendran, SC said, “This is a strategic and symbiotic collaboration between SG Cares and Law Society Pro Bono Services to enhance skills-based volunteerism. Through this public-private partnership, we aim to nurture both hard and soft skills among our volunteers in the legal community to sharpen their serve. By boosting the twin turbos of specialist competence and strong compassion which our lawyers have already been known for, we hope to increase our touch points in the community.”
  7. Dr Ang Hak Seng said, “Skills-based volunteerism plays an important role in deepening our culture of care. We want to encourage more people to contribute their skills to the people sector. This will have multiplier-effect as the capability of the people sector will increase, thereby providing even better services and programmes to those in need.”
  8. Since 2007, LSPBS has been providing pro bono legal assistance to the community and to organisations in Singapore serving the needy and disadvantaged. Through their initiatives and programmes such as law awareness, community legal clinics, Criminal Legal Aid Scheme, assistance for Non-Profit Organisations and volunteer training, they facilitate access to justice for the needy and vulnerable, and support volunteers who are interested in pro bono legal work. The partnership with SG Cares Office will also further LSPBS’ mission to enable access to justice for all through this people-public partnership.

For media queries, please contact:

Sharizan Nakmin
Corporate Communications Division
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
Tel: 6977 9186
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Last updated on 15 April 2021