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MCCY to enhance Singapore Citizenship Journey using content from Citizens' Workgroup

The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) will enhance the e-Journey component of the Singapore Citizenship Journey (SCJ) by Q3 2021, using content from the report by the Citizens’ Workgroup for the SCJ.

  1. The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) will enhance the e-Journey component of the Singapore Citizenship Journey (SCJ) by Q3 2021, using content from the report by the Citizens’ Workgroup for the SCJ. In addition, the Ministry will update the handbook for naturalised citizens and make this available online by Q4 2021. Other components of the SCJ will also be enhanced. More details can be found in MCCY’s response to the Workgroup’s report:

    How it began: citizens coming together

  2. In January 2020, MCCY invited Singaporeans through an open call to join the Citizens’ Workgroup for the SCJ. The Workgroup was to propose content that they considered was essential for all naturalised citizens to appreciate. The Citizens’ Workgroup convened its first session on 25 April 2020. After seven months of dialogue and deliberation, the Workgroup shared their report, “Being at Home: A Welcome Letter from Singaporeans”, with MCCY and the wider public in November 2020.

    Enhancing the Singapore Citizenship Journey

  3. MCCY appreciates the participants’ commitment and enthusiasm throughout the co-creation process with fellow citizens. MCCY has considered the Workgroup‘s report, and will enhance the e-Journey for naturalised citizens by Q3 2021 in three main areas.
  4. First, MCCY will explore how the revised e-Journey can reflect the personal tone of the Workgroup’s report, to forge a stronger emotional connection with e-Journey participants. The Workgroup’s report, written in the form of a Welcome Letter to newcomers, is personable, heartfelt and conveys a sense of warmth and welcome.
  5. Second, MCCY will reference the Workgroup’s report closely, to frame the content that naturalised citizens should know and appreciate about Singapore in the e-Journey. For instance, similar to the Workgroup’s report, the revised e-Journey will open with a chapter focusing on the values and norms, to help naturalised citizens appreciate the values that underpin and shape Singapore society.
  6. Third, MCCY will refresh the e-Journey to incorporate content from the Workgroup’s report. For example, the Workgroup’s report has a chapter on arts and culture in Singapore. The revised e-Journey will also include a new module on this topic to show how our varied cultural landscape strongly reflects Singapore’s diversity and multiculturalism. The arts also provide a useful lens in exploring and examining notions about identity and what it means to be a Singaporean today.
  7. MCCY will update the SCJ handbook by 4Q 2021. The handbook is given out at citizenship ceremonies. The refreshed handbook will be available online at the National Integration Council’s website (
  8. MCCY will also take into consideration the Workgroup’s report in enhancing other components of the Singapore Citizenship Journey, such as the Community Sharing Sessions, Singapore Experiential Visit and Introduction to Service to Community.

    Exemplifying the ethos of Singapore Together

  9. Minister for Culture, Community and Youth & Second Minister for Law, Mr Edwin Tong, said, “This partnership with citizens exemplifies the ethos of the Singapore Together movement. The revised Singapore Citizenship Journey will include content from citizens, reflecting their love for our country and warmth towards members of our Singaporean community. The Government will continue to partner Singaporeans to thread the diverse strands of our society and weave a more vibrant Singapore Tapestry. Let’s work together to shape our shared future and build a home we can all be proud of.”
  10. To find out more about the Citizens’ Workgroup for the SCJ and view their report, visit

Annex – About the Singapore Citizenship Journey

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Last updated on 17 February 2021