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Phase 3 (Heightened Alert): Gradual reopening of MCCY sectors

This document provides a summary of the gradual reopening of measures for arts and culture, sport, and religious activities with effect from 14 June 2021.

  1. With the support and cooperation of all Singaporeans and residents after the earlier announced tightened measures, chains of transmission have slowed down, and the number of community cases has decreased. The Multi-Ministry Task Force (MTF) has announced that Singapore is now in a position to progressively ease the tightened measures and move into Phase 3 (Heightened Alert) from 14 June 2021.

    Summary of measures for MCCY sectors

  2. The key measures that will impact MCCY sectors are as follows:

    Live Performances
  3. From 14 June 2021, live performances may resume at permitted venues with expanded audience limits. Audiences for these events will be capped at 250 persons with pre-event testing (PET), and up to 50 persons without PET. Individuals who are fully vaccinated are exempt from PET. All performers must continue to be properly masked at all times on stage.
  4. From 21 June 2021, performers will be allowed to unmask on stage, including for singing and the playing of instruments which require intentional expulsion of air (e.g. wind instruments). A maximum of 30 performers and crew will be allowed on stage and backstage at any given time, with a maximum of 10 unmasked performers. Of the 10 unmasked performers, there can be a maximum of 5 unmasked for singing and playing of instruments which require intentional expulsion of air.

    Digital productions and associated rehearsals
  5. From 21 June 2021, limits on performers and crew at recordings of digital productions and their associated rehearsals will be raised. A maximum of 30 performers and crew are allowed on stage and backstage at any given time. This includes a maximum of 10 performers who can be unmasked at any given time. Of the 10 unmasked performers, no more than five may sing or play wind instruments at any given time.
  6. Arts and cultural organisations will no longer need to notify NAC and IMDA of their plans before proceeding with their digital productions and associated rehearsals if they adhere to these safe management measures.

    Arts and culture classes, lectures, talks and workshops
  7. From 21 June 2021, in-person tuition and enrichment classes for participants aged 18 and below, and classes in singing and wind instruments, may resume. Unmasking will be allowed in classes for dance, singing, wind instruments, voice training, and speech and drama, subject to prevailing safe management measures.

    The National Arts Council has released more details on the above: https://www.nac.gov.sg/whatwedo/support/sustaining-the-arts-during-covid-19/Safe-Management-Measures-for-the-Arts-and-Culture-Sector-.html

  8. From 14 June 2021, museums can operate at a reduced capacity of 50%. Tours within museum premises may be conducted for a maximum group size of 20 persons (excluding guide), with maximum of five persons allowed in any one sub-group. A 1m safe distance should be maintained between sub-groups.

    The National Heritage Board has released more details on the above: https://www.nhb.gov.sg/what-we-do/our-work/sector-development/museum-roundtable/safe-management-measures-for-museum-stakeholders

    Sporting Activities
  9. Capacity limits for indoor and outdoor facilities have been raised to one person per 10sqm, or 50 persons, whichever is lower.

    Outdoor facilities and group classes
  10. From 14 June 2021, outdoor sport and fitness programmes and classes (including those for youths and children age 18 years and under), where participants are engaging in mask-off strenuous activities, can increase from two to five participants.
  11. From 21 June 2021, such programmes and classes can have multiple groups of five but up to a total of 30 participants or the capacity limit of the venue, whichever is lower.

    Indoor facilities and group classes
  12. From 21 June 2021, indoor mask-off strenuous activities will be allowed for multiple groups of 5 but up to a total of 30 participants or the capacity limit of the venue, whichever is lower. Common equipment may be provided for use by participants. Gyms, studios, climbing walls and other indoor facilities may resume normal operations subject to prevailing safe management measures, such as safe distancing requirements.

    Sports events
  13. Live spectator sports events may resume from 14 June 2021, with up to 50 spectators without PET. The number of spectators can be increased to 250 with PET, in zones of up to 50 persons. Individuals who are fully vaccinated are exempt from PET. Singapore Premier League (SPL) matches will once again re-open to host spectators and fans.
  14. Mass participation sports events such as mass runs, open-water swims, cycling and triathlon events may proceed from 21 June 2021. Sport competitions and tournaments without spectators may also resume from 21 June 2021, subject to safe management caps. All sport events that involve more than 50 persons (including participants, spectators, officials, event crew and support staff) will need to be endorsed by Sport Singapore before they can be implemented.

    Fast & Easy Testing (FET) of sport and fitness instructors
  15. FET will be introduced for sport and fitness instructors and staff, as part of the enhanced national measures for workers involved in higher-risk mask-off activities.  More details will be released in due course.

    Sport Singapore (SportSG) has released more details on the above: https://go.gov.sg/calibrated-easing-of-smm-for-sport

    Congregational and Other Worship Services
  16. From 14 June 2021, congregational and other worship services will be capped at 250 persons with pre-event testing (PET), and up to 50 persons without PET. Individuals who are fully vaccinated are exempt from PET. For services with more than 50 worshippers, worshippers must be segregated into zones of no more than 50 worshippers each. Worshippers can participate in permitted religious activities in groups of no more than five persons.
  17. From 21 June 2021, a maximum of 30 persons are allowed to be involved in or support the conduct of live performance elements during the worship service. Of which, up to 10 persons are allowed to unmask at any given time, with up to five persons unmasked for singing or playing of wind/brass instruments. Persons should only unmask when required to perform their duties. Singing by worshippers, even with masks on, is still not permitted during Phase 3 (Heightened Alert).

    Other religious activities
  18. From 21 June 2021, religious organisations (ROs) may use places of worship to conduct religious rites and resume other religious activities (e.g. pastoral services, religious classes for adults and children) so long as they are conducted in gatherings not exceeding 50 persons, subject to safe distancing and other safe management measures appropriate to the nature of the religious activity. This is also subject to the total premises cap of 150 persons.

    Recording and Broadcast of Religious Services and Prayers
  19. From 21 June 2021, ROs can have up to 30 persons on-location for recording and broadcast of religious services and prayers, of which up to 10 persons can be unmasked at any one time, with no more than five persons unmasked for singing or playing wind/brass instruments. ROs need not notify MCCY/CPRO before proceeding with these productions.

    Marriage Solemnizations
  20. From 14 June 2021, marriage solemnizations may take place in places of worship with up to 250 persons with PET, or up to 50 persons without PET, subject to safe capacity limits. Individuals who are fully vaccinated are exempt from PET. The cap of 250 and 50 persons respectively, exclude the solemnizer and religious and supporting workers, whose numbers should be kept to a minimum.

    More details have been released separately: http://go.gov.sg/p3ha-religiousactivities-from14jun2021

    Keeping our community safe

  21. MCCY and our agencies will continue providing support to groups, businesses, and individuals within our sectors to manage the disruptions resulting from COVID-19, and to help them emerge stronger. Both the Arts and Culture Resilience Package and the Sports Resilience Package have been dedicated to tide our sectors throughout the pandemic.
  22. MCCY appreciates the efforts of our partners – our religious organisations, and our arts, culture, and sports businesses and communities – for rallying together to implement the safe management measures. As we gradually open up our sectors again, let us do so responsibly and in a safe manner.

Issued by:
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

Last updated on 11 June 2021