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Celebrating and recognising efforts in promoting Chinese culture

Speech by Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth at the Opening of 3rd Cultural Extravaganza and Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award


  1. 大家晚上好!非常高兴能出席由新加坡文化中心主办的第三届《华彩》开幕仪式,及第三届新加坡华族文化贡献奖颁奖典礼。让我们再次以掌声恭喜第三届新加坡华族文化贡献奖得奖者 - 柯木林先生和鼎艺团。
  2. 今年适逢新加坡开埠两百周年纪念,是我们反思新加坡承先启后、继往开来的时刻。开埠的前一百多年,新加坡为英国殖民地,是大不列颠帝国的重要经济腹地。英国政府依据种族分配资源,包括工作、住屋、土地划分等。来到新加坡打工从商的先辈们,源至中国、印度、东南亚、中东、甚至欧洲。他们多带着过客的心态停留在此,政府并没有重视文明建设,直到新加坡脱离英殖民地。秉着维护各民族的文化、宗教权力,平等对待各种族的多元种族社会为建国理念,新加坡脱离马来西亚,在1965年成为独立国家。来自不同国家和背景的先辈们相互扶持,共同奋斗,一起建立一个多元种族、多元文化的社会,逐渐建立国家意识和认同感。
  3. 我们维护每个种族保留各自文化和传统的权力,大家互相尊重,和谐相处。华族先辈的传统习俗和表演艺术就因此受到其他种族文化元素的熏陶,从而结织成为我国独特的华族文化。如今,新加坡华族文化既丰富多彩,也持续衍变;反映了国人的生活习俗和共同价值观。既包含中华文化的精髓,也融入本土南洋的养分,已成为我国的独特标签。我希望中心能与各文化团体合作,成为我国华族文化的孵生基地;与各民间团体衔接,成为我国华族文化的弘扬平台,并成为他族同胞走进华族文化世界的导航起点。

  4. In the current age of globalisation, Singapore’s multicultural character, bilingual education policy and international outlook have provided us with many advantages when we interact and work with people from different countries. It has obvious benefits in the economic and business sectors. But as importantly, these characteristics have given us the confidence to face a fast changing world, overcome challenges, and shape our future ourselves. As we mark our Bicentennial, it is the time to remember our history, reflect on our cultures and how they have evolved, and grasp the values that take us into the future.
  5. The Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre plays an important role in developing our unique and vibrant Singapore Chinese culture. Since its commencement in 2017, the Cultural Centre has been making our arts and culture accessible to people of all races and ages by working closely with the community. It presents a calendar of diverse events, incorporating both traditional and contemporary cultural elements, including inter-cultural elements. This year’s highlights include workshops on Peranakan culture, an interactive and multilingual street wayang performance, and Memoirs of Nanyang, a newly commissioned musical by Siong Leng Musical Association that integrates Nanyin music with Malay music and Mandarin pop. I would like to encourage the Cultural Centre to do even more to engage Singaporeans from all walks of life –  including our students and youth, and partners in the community such as our clan associations.
  6. The Cultural Centre is joined by many passionate individuals and organisations, many who are here tonight, in developing, promoting and safeguarding our brand of culture. I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to Mr Kua Bak Lim and Ding Yi Music Company for winning the Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award. I hope the Award will inspire more Singaporeans to come forward and contribute to the growth of our Chinese culture.
  7. Finally, it is my pleasure to declare the 3rd Cultural Extravaganza open! Have an enjoyable evening. Thank you.
Last updated on 27 May 2019