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Telling uniquely Singaporean stories through Teochew opera

Speech by Mr Eric Chua, Parliamentary Secretary for Culture, Community and Youth & Social and Family Development, at the Launch of “Ten Teochew Opera from Singapore: Collection of Chua Soo Pong’s scripts”

  1. 很荣幸受邀担任蔡曙鹏博士新书《实叻埠十部戏:蔡曙鹏潮剧剧本集》发布会的特邀嘉宾。
  2. 今天发布的新书收录了蔡曙鹏博士的潮剧代表作,也象征了蔡博士在推广我国潮剧所做出的贡献。 

    a. 蔡博士将会继续向新生代潮剧表演者分享自己对潮剧的研究及经验,这种传承传统艺术的热忱,令人感到十分欣慰。
  3. 在此,我也要向杨启霖潮州文化研究中心和南华潮剧社致谢。

    a. 首先,感谢杨启霖潮州文化研究中心出版这本剧本集,为大家接触新加坡潮剧,提供了一个宝贵的资源。

    b. 再者,我也要感谢南华潮剧社,多年来弘扬新加坡潮剧以及传承这项传统艺术所付出的贡献和努力。

    c. 看到蔡曙鹏博士和南华潮剧社为新一代潮剧表演者的持续贡献,让我对新加坡传统艺术和文化遗产的未来发展深感期待。
  4. I shall next say a few words in English.
  5. The traditional arts are important to our national and cultural identity.

    a. They reflect the rich tapestry of cultural practices that make up Singapore’s multicultural society.

    b. They also provide an important link to our diverse cultural roots that enrich and add to the vibrancy of our arts and culture scene.
  6. Teochew Opera is a longstanding part of Singapore’s traditional arts scene.

    a. It was first brought over to Singapore by immigrants from China, and has a long history of over 180 years in Singapore.

    b. As one of the most vibrant components of Teochew culture, Teochew Opera has also helped transmit core cultural values from one generation to the next.

    c. Today, Teochew Opera continues to flourish alongside modern and contemporary art forms.
  7. Teochew Opera in Singapore has developed our own unique character and identity.
  8. Its practitioners have also sought to innovate and develop Teochew opera by drawing inspiration from regional cultures and stories.

    a. As one of Singapore’s most prolific Teochew Opera scriptwriter and directors, Dr Chua Soo Pong has been at the forefront of this endeavour.

    b. Dr Chua used the medium of Teochew Opera to tell uniquely Singaporean stories, such as in 烈火真情 - “The Bukit Ho Swee Fire”, and 红山的故事 - “The Legend of Bukit Merah”.

    c. Other works such as 宝弓奇缘, adapted from the Indian literary epic “Ramayana”, and 绣鞋奇缘, from “Cinderella”, showcases Dr Chua’s ability to tap on cross-cultural influences to enrich the art of Teochew Opera.

    d. These works allow Teochew Opera to connect better with both local as well as international audiences alike, and this is very powerful testimony to the unique quality of Teochew Opera here in Singapore.
  9. On this note, let me congratulate Dr Chua Soo Pong, Nam Hwa Opera and the Yeo Khee Lin Teochew Research Centre for the successful launch of this book “Ten Teochew Operas from Singapore: Collection of Chua Soo Pong’s Scripts”.
  10. We look forward to seeing more of Dr Chua’s research efforts in the future.
  11. Thank you.


Last updated on 14 April 2021