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Supporting cultural philanthropy in Singapore

Opening address by Mr Eric Chua, Parliamentary Secretary for Culture, Community and Youth & Social and Family Development, For The Private Museum Charity Gold on 27 May 2022

Mr Daniel Teo,

Ladies and Gentlemen

  1. A very good afternoon to all. Thank you for inviting me to today’s Charity Golf 2022 event. Happy to join you today! It’s always heart-warming when a community comes together to contribute towards a shared cause.

    Supporting cultural philanthropy in Singapore

  2. Since it was established in 2010, The Private Museum (TPM) has engaged local, regional, and international audiences from all walks of life, through artist-in-residence collaborations and outreach programmes, to promote art appreciation. This is only possible with the support and generosity of patrons like yourselves.

  3. Such examples of cultural philanthropy demonstrate the crucial role this plays in the development of our local arts and culture scene, and how much can be achieved by working together. MCCY supports these efforts through initiatives like the Cultural Matching Fund (CMF), which provides one-to-one matching for eligible donations to arts and heritage charities like TPM. I hope that the $150m top-up of the CMF announced by Minister Edwin Tong during MCCY’s Committee of Supply debate in March this year, will further encourage our arts and heritage charities to redouble their efforts to fundraise, and enhance their longer-term sustainability.

  4. The relationship between patrons and the arts community has evolved over the years, and extends beyond just donations and sponsorships, to also include the sharing of industry expertise and specialist advice. I am confident that by strengthening such partnerships, the government, corporates, individual supporters, and our arts and culture community will continue to foster a vibrant, innovative, and future-ready arts ecosystem together.

    Making art accessible to more

  5. The Private Museum has also worked to increase accessibility to our arts so that more can enjoy and contribute to it. Through well-curated exhibitions and programmes, TPM has brought different communities together to appreciate the arts – this helps to open minds and hearts, and builds empathy and understanding for the diverse society and the world we live in.

  6. Programmes such as the art therapy session with participants from the Singapore Association for Mental Health, as well as watercolour painting workshops with senior citizens show how art can be used as a creative outlet to support our mental and emotional well-being. I look forward to more of these programmes returning as safe management measures are simplified.

    Appreciation for patrons, volunteers, and friends of TPM

  7. As an active member of the arts community, The Private Museum has presented more than 50 exhibitions and collaborated with over 100 collectors, artists, and curators. I would like to thank all the donors, sponsors, collectors, volunteers and friends of TPM for your generous support. I urge everyone to continue your support for the arts and culture beyond today’s event.

  8. Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful day! Best of luck to the participating golfers – I’ll see you again at the tee-off!

Last updated on 22 June 2022