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Co-operative sector statistics and publications

Snapshot of the co-operatives (co-ops) landscape in Singapore.

Number of Registered Co-operatives

  As at 31 March 2017  As at 31 March 2018 
Consumer and Services Co-operatives1  56 56
Credit co-operatives2  24  24 
School co-operatives3  3
Total  84  83 

Source: Annual report on the co-operative societies in Singapore

1 Consumer and services co-operatives provide a wide range of products and services e.g. retail, childcare and F&B.

2 Credit co-operatives provide financial services i.e. take in deposits and grant loans to their members who share a common bond.

3 School co-operatives are set up by and operate in secondary schools and junior colleges.


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Last updated on 08 March 2019