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PLAYfiesta – celebrating youths, performing artists, and SMEs

Speech by Ms Low Yen Ling, Minister Of State, Ministry Of Culture, Community And Youth & Ministry Of Trade And Industry, At PLAYfiesta on 25 Nov 2022

  1. It is my pleasure to join you today at the launch of the first PLAYfiesta. This event brings together youths, entrepreneurs and performing artists in a 10-day fiesta right here in the heart of Orchard Road!
  2. I’m here today to celebrate our youths, our performing artists, and our SMEs. I think you will agree with me that our youths have demonstrated amazing resilience and adaptability, amid the challenges and pressures brought on by Covid-19. The pandemic also gave them pause to think about the future – their aspirations, passions and priorities in life.
  3. To that end, I want to assure you that the Government is committed to supporting our youths to help them attain their fullest potential. For example, apart from job and training opportunities through the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package, we are also providing mentoring opportunities and seed capital for first-time entrepreneurs through Startup SG Founder. At the same time, we look after and strengthen our youths’ mental wellness and resilience through initiatives such as the SG Mental Well-Being Network.
  4. As a society, we can work together to create a vibrant environment for our talented youths to shine and thrive. I want to say kudos to the organiser, Stellar Ace, who have worked hard to make this happen! Together with its supporters and partners, they have done well to curate this unique PLAYfiesta – where we can look forward to great music, great food, and entertaining activities.   
  5. PLAYfiesta

  6. Most of all, PLAYfiesta is a wonderful and dynamic platform for our youths to showcase their talents and express their love for the performing arts. If anything, the last three years have told us that the arts are essential to nourish our soul. The opportunity to perform in front of live audiences is also a welcomed one after the long hiatus due to the pandemic. I hope all of us will show the performing artists your support when they get on stage!
  7. Events like PLAYfiesta will certainly enhance our efforts to energise Singapore’s arts scene, which will then in turn energise the tourism scene, and adds to our city’s attractiveness.
  8. The National Arts Council’s (NAC) Our SG Arts Plan for 2023 to 2027 envisions Singapore as A Distinctive City with many vibrant spaces enlivened by the arts, including right here at the heart of Orchard Road. Secondly, a Creative Economy with exciting cross-sector collaborations and innovations. And thirdly, a place where shared art experiences build a Connected Society.
  9. NAC has been engaging the arts community and the wider public in the past year on this exciting plan, and we look forward to working closely with you to develop a future-ready, globally relevant and resilient arts ecosystem.
  10. We are grateful to Stellar Ace and team for curating this inaugural PLAYfiesta. It not only enhances the vibrancy of our performing arts, but also perks up our city!
  11. Let me now toggle to my MTI hat. The Singapore Tourism Board team has provided support for this event through its Kickstart Fund. For those who do not know, the Kickstart Fund is part of STB’s repertoire of support. The grant encourages the creation and test-bedding of innovative consumer-focused concepts and events with strong tourism potential and scalability.
  12. With its unique combination of technology, entertainment, and local food, I think PLAYfiesta has a secret recipe that will surely succeed. It is an enticing and refreshing smorgasbord of experiences for different visitors; there’s something for everyone.
  13. Besides talented performing artists, I am glad that PLAYfiesta is also showcasing many of our homegrown “Made with Passion” brands, from food and fashion to beauty, wellness and homeware.
  14. In addition, PLAYfiesta has provided dedicated F&B and retail space for our youths to bring-to-market products they have created and developed. Do look out for their interesting concepts and items!
  15. Conclusion

  16. I have full confidence that our youths are the ones who will shape Singapore’s future. Through novel events like today’s PLAYfiesta, we can help our local talent fulfil their aspirations and at the same time, invigorate Singapore’s offerings as a lifestyle destination, not just for Singaporeans, but for global tourists and consumers as well. I look forward to the youthful creative energy and passion enhancing our little red dot and making Singapore shine even more brightly.
  17. Congratulations on the launch of PLAYfiesta! I wish everyone a fun and enjoyable fiesta this evening!
  18. Thank you!

Last updated on 30 November 2022