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Harmony Fund


From end November 2020, the Harmony Fund scheme will extend the eligibility criteria to include individuals and for-profit organisations.
Please submit all applications through MCCY’s new grants application portal.
For queries related to the application process, please contact

Our National Pledge asks that we stand together

"as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion". In the same spirit, the Harmony Fund will support creative projects that promote racial and religious harmony in Singapore. Individuals, for-profit and non-profit organisations can submit proposals to the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY). If your application is successful, you can receive a grant of up to $100,000 to put your idea to work.

For whom?

Individuals, for-profit and non-profit organisations registered in Singapore

For what?

Projects that promote racial and religious harmony

How much?

Up to 80% of qualifying costs, up to a limit of $100,000, on a reimbursement basis

Showcase of Projects careers-list-arrow

Through the Harmony Fund, many novel and exciting projects and events promoting racial and religious harmony were developed and rolled out. Read more about them:

A Tapestry of Sacred Music
by The Esplanade Co Ltd.

A Tapestry of Sacred Music Festival
Photo courtesy of Esplanade Singapore

A Tapestry of Sacred Music is the only festival in Singapore that offers the public the rare chance to experience a diverse selection of sacred music and cultural practices from various communities that is usually encountered in places of worship. Featuring both local and international performers, the annual festival celebrates sacred expressions to highlight how we as humans experience and relate to one another, such that even the seemingly unusual will be seen and understood in the light of a shared humanity. Find out more about A Tapestry of Sacred Music

Regardless of Race Dialogues

Regardless of Race Dialogues
Photo courtesy of

Organised by (OPSG), Regardless of Race provides a platform for robust yet respectful conversations exploring ground sentiments, sensitive issues, and social norms pertaining to race.

Each session sees guest speakers comprising Singaporeans of various backgrounds sharing their views on a certain theme. This is followed by a dialogue that covers a range of issues including historical perspectives, changing social norms and aspirations, and the way forward in dealing with difficult and sensitive issues. Through this platform, OPSG seeks to build a ground-up approach to advance the way we think about race, culture and identity, contextualised to Singapore. Find out more about OPSG and its programmes.

Ask Me Anything series
by HYFY Ltd.

Ask Me Anything dialogue series
Photo courtesy of HYFY Ltd.

Organised by HYFY Ltd. (also known as The Whitehatters), Ask Me Anything is a series of dialogues meant to educate and address questions on the beliefs and commonly observed practices of different faiths. The series seeks to foster deeper understanding, mutual respect, and appreciation of various faiths through frank conversations facilitated in ‘safe spaces’ where participants are encouraged to ask questions related to the different faiths that they might not usually ask, for fear that they might be deemed too sensitive or politically incorrect etc. Find out more about Ask Me Anything.

How do I apply? careers-list-arrow

  • All individuals, for-profit and non-profit organisations registered in Singapore will qualify for the grant. Applicants of non-profit organisations should be one of the following:
  • A company registered under the Companies Act (Cap. 50);
  • A society registered under the Societies Act (Cap. 311);

The Harmony Fund is also open to all primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges, ITEs, polytechnics and universities.

  • Projects that satisfy at least one of the following criteria will be considered:
  • Promote understanding about cultures and practices of different communities;
  • Raise awareness of the importance of inter-racial and inter-religious tolerance or understanding;
  • Encourage deep positive interactions between participants, and foster familiarity and friendships among individuals from different communities;
  • Reduce negative stereotypes or challenge misconceptions about other communities.

Note: "communities" refers to the various ethnic, racial or religious groups in Singapore

  • Applications will be assessed on the potential impact and effectiveness of their messaging on racial and religious harmony. The project gains merit when it is innovative, involves youth in a meaningful way, has public education potential, has the potential to be sustainable (i.e. not just a one-off project) or encourages new partnerships between different community organisations.
  • An application must be submitted to MCCY at least 8 weeks before the date of commencement of the Project.
  • MCCY's decision is final, and we reserve the right not to disclose reasons for approving or rejecting your application.
  • Successful applicants will be required to sign a Form of Agreement with the Government.
  • The funding will be on a reimbursement basis and will cover the net costs of your project. You are required to maintain proper financial records of your project and submit an income and expenditure statement to MCCY within three months of your project's completion.
  • You will also have to submit a project evaluation report within three months of completing your project.


FAQ careers-list-arrow

  • Where can I apply?

Please submit your application through OurSG Grants portal.

  • What costs can I get funding for?
    • Qualifying expenditure for the grant include events management costs, production costs, publicity and marketing costs
    • Non-qualifying expenditure include expenditure on start-up, operating and capital costs, such as manpower i.e. staff salaries, and the purchase of assets; cash prizes and vouchers, any expenses incurred overseas, expenses incurred in relation to fundraising, or expenses incurred in relation to any form of religious activity
  • Can individuals apply for the Harmony Fund?

Yes. Individuals can apply for the Harmony Fund.

  • When will I receive my funding?

The funding will be on a reimbursement basis. We will reimburse the funds to you after receiving your statement of accounts, supporting documents and project evaluation report, all of which are due three months after the end of your project.

  • Can I submit applications for more than one project?

Yes. There is no limit to the number of proposals that an organisation can submit.

  • Will my project get double funding if I submit my proposal through two organisations?

No. If the project is undertaken by more than one organisation, MCCY will only consider one application for funding.

  • What are some examples of projects that can be supported?

We will consider projects such as:

  • Educational resources which promote understanding about the cultures/practices/common values of different communities
  • Training courses/materials that promote awareness/appreciation of different communities and the importance of inter-racial and inter-religious understanding
  • Events/activities which provide a conducive environment for positive interactions between individuals from different communities
  • Dialogue sessions/panel discussion on race and religion
  • What kind of projects cannot be supported?

Non-supportable projects would include:

  • Religious activities such as prayers or ceremonies
  • Fundraising events
  • Projects that propagate a particular faith
  • Non-developmental projects (e.g. one-off networking events)
  • Can I see a sample of the funding agreement?

The relevant documents can be viewed here.

  • Will I have to acknowledge support from the Harmony Fund?

Yes, MCCY and the Harmony Fund should be acknowledged in all publicity materials, but you will have to seek written approval from us before you may proceed to use the MCCY logo.


Last updated on 14 October 2021