Integration Resources

These publications and resources review the NIC’s journey, celebrate partners’ contributions and ground-up efforts, and document insightful conversations with the community on their aspirations for integration in Singapore for the next decade.

We hope that it these resources will be of help to those who wish to take action to promote integration.

Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity is an e-resource kit that provides a collection of useful materials for integration partners, community leaders and educators to easily refer to, for expanding integration efforts. It contains comprehensive resources for sharing with newcomers, examples of past integration programmes for reference, as well as guides and materials that can be incorporated into existing and future integration initiatives.

Download the resource kit here (PDF, 5.24 MB)

NIC 10th Anniversary Commemorative Book

NIC 10th Anniversary Commemorative Book: Notes of Gratitude

'Notes of Gratitude' was launched at the "What Brings Us Together" NIC Convention on 3 August 2019. This commemorative book, celebrating 10 years of the NIC, chronicles the NIC’s efforts, including its key programmes, and celebrates partners’ contributions to integration from all walks of life. 

It also features meaningful interviews with past and present NIC members, as well as volunteers and integration ambassadors.

Download the book (PDF, 13.2 MB)

Integral: A Report on Social Integration in Singapore

Integral: A Report on Social Integration in Singapore for the 10th Anniversary of the NIC

The NIC collaborated with the Institute of Policy Studies to document conversations during NIC Engagement Series which brought together 130 representatives from over 55 organisations from March to June 2019.

Our participants had discussed challenges to integration, actions that can make a difference, and the roles that individuals and the community can play. The report addresses these, and showcases innovative ideas generated by participants to encourage positive interactions between locals, immigrants, and foreigners.

Download the report (PDF, 20 MB).


Integration Matters Newsletters

Keep in touch with recent integration-related news and events, partners' efforts and opportunities, with our Integration Matters Newsletters.

Who’s Your Neighbour?

Who’s Your Neighbour? by National Heritage Board

This handbook offers a quick guide to the roots of Singapore’s multicultural heritage as well as an introduction to life amid neighbours with diverse origins and beliefs.

Download the handbook (PDF, 2.86MB).

Integration in Singapore Schools

Integration in Singapore Schools: Best Practices Package by Ministry of Education

The Best Practices Package introduces some of the key integration initiatives in our schools and educational institutions, and serves as a guide for others in implementing their own integration programmes.

Download the guide (PDF, 2.5 MB). Starter Kit by Ministry of Manpower

Employers can use the Starter Kit to help your employees from different backgrounds work and interact well in your workplace.

Download the Starter Kit.

Last updated on 03 May 2024