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Racial and Religious Harmony Circle

The Racial and Religious Harmony Circle is a key community platform to promote racial and religious harmony in Singapore. There are 93 Harmony Circles, one in every constituency.

The work of the Harmony Circle is instrumental in strengthening social cohesion in Singapore, both in peacetime and in times of crisis. This includes supporting the SGSecure movement.

The Harmony Circle, formerly known as the Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC), was refreshed and renamed in July 2022 to reflect its broader mission to promote racial and religious harmony in Singapore by building trust, understanding and confidence among the various communities in peacetime and in times of crisis.

With the refresh, the Harmony Circle aims to ensure (i) a more diverse representation that reflects the community they serve, (ii) more regular and impactful programmes, (iii) enhanced capabilities in members for more effective and sustainable impact, and (iv) greater public visibility online and offline to better engage diverse communities.



What does the Harmony Circle do? careers-list-arrow

  • The Harmony Circle serves as a bridge between religious, ethnic and community groups at the grassroots level. Leaders from these groups come together to join the Harmony Circle’s networks to build friendship and trust.
  • The Harmony Circle also aims to deepen people's understanding of the various faiths, beliefs and practices through inter-faith and inter-ethnic themed activities such as heritage trails, inter-faith talks and various cultural and religious celebrations.
  • The Harmony Circle is also trained to work with community and religious stakeholders to respond quickly to issues and incidents that involve racial or religious tensions. The Harmony Circle will also assist in the recovery process from such a crisis, helping their communities and the nation return to normalcy.

Key Programmes careers-list-arrow

  • Networking Sessions
    Regular networking sessions and focus group discussions create opportunities for members and stakeholders representing various religious-, community-, and cultural-based organisations to interact and exchange ideas, so as to foster stronger bonds and facilitate synergies for collaborative efforts in promoting inter-faith understanding.
  • Interfaith Dialogues
    Dialogue enhances understanding and appreciation of the different faiths and beliefs though sharing of knowledge and perspectives from religious leaders and representatives.
  • Interfaith Visits
    Guided visits to places of worship allow for greater insights into the various faiths and their religious practices. Participants will be able to better appreciate Singapore’s rich heritage and religious diversity through first hand experience and in-depth explanations from religious leaders and representatives. 
  • Harmony Circle Cares
    Launched in 2009, "Harmony Circle Cares" aims to help the less privileged in the community through a series of fund-raising and/or charity projects. The programme allows community leaders, religious organisations and partners to connect with one another, forge relationships and play their part for the less fortunate. It is a good example of the Harmony Circle's commitment in constantly exploring new ways of interaction and communication. Such efforts cultivate a caring, compassionate and gracious society, and ultimately strengthen the foundations of racial and religious harmony. 
  • Capability Building Programmes
    Harmony Circles regularly conduct courses, workshops and crisis preparedness exercises to equip members with the skills and knowledge to promote inter-racial and inter-faith harmony, in both peacetime and in times of crisis.

Engaging the Community

  • Website
    The Harmony Circle website provides information on the Harmony Circle, resources on racial and religious harmony topics, upcoming activities and ways you can get involved to promote social cohesion.
  • Social Media Pages (Facebook and Instagram)
    You can look up the Harmony Circle on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the activities that build trust among different communities and promote mutual understanding and appreciation of the different religions, cultures and practices among Singaporeans.
Last updated on 25 July 2023