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SGSecure Community Network (SGCN)

SGSecure Community Network (SGCN) was established in response to SGSecure movement to ensure that all community and religious organisations are prepared in the face of crisis. To achieve this, MCCY will build stronger community networks and prepare places of worship to be crisis-ready.

MCCY seeks to reach out to all religious organisations, beyond existing members of Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circles (IRCCs). All religious organisations have a part to play under SGSecure for their followers and for the wider society. 

SGSecure briefings are being conducted for leaders from religious organisations, to inform them of their role in preparing and responding to the threat of terrorism. Besides these briefings, MCCY will continue to engage and partner the religious community, through inter-faith and intra-faith dialogues, and regular IRCC events such as networking sessions, crisis response table-top exercises and the annual National IRCC Workshop.

In preparing places of worship to be crisis-ready, MCCY is working with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to prepare religious organisations for a crisis incident. This includes:

  • Conducting Counter Terrorism Seminars to provide relevant security frameworks for places of worship to develop their own crisis response plans.
  • Providing useful information to religious organisations to share with their members; and
  • Guiding religious organisations in developing their crisis management plans.;
  • Organising crisis exercises for religious organisations to participate in.
Last updated on 30 September 2019