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National Integration Council

The National Integration Council (NIC) was set-up in April 2009 to drive integration efforts in a comprehensive, sustainable and ground-up manner through the partnership of the public, people and private (3P) sectors. In promoting integration, the NIC seeks to:

  • Increase awareness of the importance of integration for our continued success as a society and nation.
  • Help newcomers adapt to the Singaporean way of life, including helping them better understand local cultures and social norms.
  • Grow common spaces and provide platforms for Singaporeans and new immigrants to interact.
  • Facilitate the formation of friendships and shared experiences among Singaporeans and new immigrants, so as to foster mutual understanding and acceptance through their interactions.
  • Foster and deepen emotional attachment and a sense of belonging to Singapore among new immigrants.

The National Integration Council (NIC) comprises members from the public, people and private sectors. Chaired by the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Mr Edwin Tong, the Council meets regularly to deliberate on strategies and programmes to improve integration outcomes.

Last updated on 19 August 2020